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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sunday Walk: Hey, Wayne! Get offa my slime! - Manningtree Circular.

Book 1 walk 39
Length: 17.3 km. 10.7 miles
Difficulty:  4/10
A walk through Dedham Vale area of outstanding natural beauty, revisiting scenes from Constable’s paintings, including The Haywain. (Haywain, get it - Hey Wayne? Oh, never mind).
There's some interesting churches along the way.
The one in Stratford St Mary has unusual flint lettering round the outside.
Plans to give East Bergholt's church a tower were postponed after Cardinal Wolsey's downfall. Five centuries later, the bells are still rung by hand in a "temporary" cage in the churchyard. Inside the church, see if you can find an early camel and the "putrid slime" alluded to above. That's your task for today.
Trains: 9:30 Norwich train from Liverpool St., arriving Manningtree at 10:28.
Return trains at xx:19 and x:53.
Lunch: the Sun Inn, Dedham 01206 323351 serving lunch from 12-3.
Or the Dedham Craft Centre cafe 01206 322677.
Also in Dedham, the Essex Rose tea room 01206 323101.
Tea: the National Trust tearooms at Flatford Bridge, open till 5.
Directions: here .
The walk can be shortened by missing out Stratford St Mary.

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