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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Saturday Walk - Great Missenden Circular

CW2 4c Great Missenden Circular

Length: 16 km (10 miles). Toughness: 3/10

Catch the 10:27 from London Marylebone arrives Great Missenden 11:08.

Return trains: xx:02 xx:32

This is a walk option that uses the initial section of CW1 Walk 5 up to [3] to then use 4c walk directions for a Great Missenden Circular walk. All directions are contained in the main document including the CW1 Walk 5 directions up to [3].

Lunch at Cock & Rabbit, The Lee.



Anonymous said...

With Saturday's coming high temperature in mind, does anyone know if this route is heavily wooded? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Any locals out there?

Alex Rosen said...

We are on the train passing through Northwood at 10:21

DAC said...

3 of us started off from Great Missenden on what was a w=hot_and_sunny day. One of our number wanted to head onto Chesham, splitting off at Herberts Hole whereupon we were joined by 3 others who had set off from Chesham - thus n=4 for the scheduled walk. A delightful lunch at The Cock & Rabbit PH, The Lee with Twiglet in attendance, followed on by tea at The Stamp, Gt. Missenden.
*pub cat

Anonymous said...

Thanks to DAC for scheduling this fine walk and for keeping an avuncular eye on the rest of us to ensure we didn't stray off-track.