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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Wednesday Walk Farningham Road to Eynsford

Farningham Road to Eynsford T=swc.291

Length: 10.9 miles (17.5km) with shorter options possible. 4 out of 10

This is a lovely little walk, with the morning having stretches along the Darent River, and a ridge walk in the afternoon with great views and a shortcut should you need one.

Trains: Take the 0942 Dover Priory train from Victoria, arriving 1020. Get a Farningham Road return (£12.70). This train is a bit early for the ideal walk, but the next one is an hour later. Return trains are xx05 & xx35 to Blackfriars or Victoria via Bromley South.

Lunch: The Lion Hotel with it's nice spot on the river after 4 miles (6¾ km)

Tea: Various options in Eynsford


1 comment:

Mark R said...

n=11 walkers: 10 on the train plus another who drove to the lunch pub then walked back to meet the group. Other than a very brief rain shower as we arrived at The Lion for lunch this was a w=pleasantly-warm-and-sunny day. A few ate an adequate lunch in the delightful river-side garden while most picnicked nearby. Two took the shortcut from the Roman Villa to the station; four had a drink in the Five Bells (the Malt Shovel being closed from 15:00 to 18:00) - unsure what happened to the others after arriving at Eynsford.