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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Saturday Walk Henley to Pangbourne

TOCW1 walk 51 - Henley to Pangbourne

This is a lovely walk, which hasn't been posted on a Saturday for some time.

Length: 11.9 miles (19.2km) rated 6 out of 10.

There is an option to shorten it to 8 miles, but this involves getting a bus to Reading from Cane End.

Travel: Get the 0942  Reading train from Paddington (Ealing Broadway 0950) changing at Twyford 1030 for the 1038 Henley train, arriving 1050. Buy a return to Pangbourne. If you are running late, get the 0952 Oxford train, changing at Slough to join the above Reading train.

Return trains are xx:17 and xx:47 (change at Reading for a faster train to Paddington). The Pangbourne ticket is usually accepted to Henley, but you may be asked to pay for a single Twyford to Henley.

Lunch:  The Red Lion (6.9 km/4.3 mi, food to 15.00) in Peppard Common, The Unicorn (7.9 km/4.9 mi, food to 15.00). The Reformation appears to be closed

Tea: The Swan at Pangbourne just a bit further on from the station turnoff, has a pleasant veranda on the river bank.



Anonymous said...

hi peeps, just looking at some advice on GPS units please? have posted something in the forum but know no-one reads those posts!

Anonymous said...

This may help

Anonymous said...

thank you but read that, just want to know why it says Garmin are not recommended ? ta

Anonymous said... is a very good app.

Andrew said...

I once brought a Garmin GPS only to find it needed a bespoke £40 cable to connect it to a PC, which I thought a scam. Nowadays unless you're a serious mountaineer you can just use your phone or tablet rather than having a dedicated device.

PeteG said...

I use my phone, but they are no good in bad weather unless waterproof. Working in bad conditions & battery life is what you are paying for in a Garmin & similar

David M. said...

A select group of 4 walkers on a day of sunshine and clouds with one brief, light shower before lunch. 3 pressed on to the Reformation Pub with the 4th not too far behind. The pub now serves food between 12-2pm. One dined on a perfectly passable and reasonably priced Ploughman’s lunch. The others had sandwiches. Tea was taken at the friendly and welcoming Garden tea room (under new management) in Pangbourne. Three took the 16.47 train home with 2 electing to stay on all the way to Paddington. Another saved himself 32 minutes by changing at Reading. Alpacas in abundance, a wide choice of pubs and tea rooms, open views and plenty of woodland shelter. A thoroughly nice day out.

Marcus said...