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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Epping to Broxbourne - a new Map Led Walk

I've been curious about the countryside between Epping and Waltham Abbey/Cheshunt/Broxbourne for some time. So this is a Map led walk to explore and write up if appropriate

Length 9 miles (14.4 km)
Toughness 2 out of 10

Getting there

Get to Epping tube station (Central Line zone 6) for 10:45 am sharp, well alright, sharpish.
There are many connections to this Tube Line particularly at Stratford and the journey time from there takes about 30 minutes.  (40 minutes from Liverpool Street station)
Be sure to catch an Epping service.

Getting back

There are four trains per hour back from Broxbourne station to Liverpool Street station. Two are fast at 17 and 46 minutes past the hour calling at Tottenham Hale if the Victoria Line fits with your journey - total journey time 29 minutes. Two are slightly slower at 25 and 55 minutes past the hour also calling at Tottenham Hale and additionally Hackney Downs - total journey time 33 minutes.

Plan your return train journey here. 


I would suggest an appropriate Oyster for the outbound journey and to be prepared to buy a single from Broxbourne station to the nearest station to your home or where your Oyster card will work.


This is a new walk with lunch at the King Harolds Head Pub Bumbles Green tel : 01992 893110
You may download a KML or GPX file for you gadget Here 
If you don't have a gadget, be sure to team up with someone who does.
Tea stops look a bit thin on the ground at Broxbourne, so do feel free to suggest.
Thanks for the feedback Thomas and Anon, there are now two suggested stops:
The Old Mill Retreat Cafe (about 600 metres before the station) and for something stronger  The Crown (about 800 metres from the station)
The GPX and KML routes have been updated for the last 800 metres of the route accordingly.



Anonymous said...

Following up on your comment on Tea stops
I just google mapped it and there looks to be the
(01992-460960; open daily to 4pm winter, 5.30pm summer)
on the walk just before we arrive at the station
Just the other side of the station there is

Also on walk directions for SWC walk 168 there is a couple fo pubs noted

Looks like we will manage Tea and Cake and by all accounts very nice T&C at the Old Mill

S Hadie

Thomas G said...

no need to go hungry or thirsty in Broxbourne: apart from the mentioned SWC 168, there is also SWC 311 with notes on places to visit

Mike A said...

Thanks for the feedback Anon and Thomas. Looks like nobody will go thirsty then. There's more good news too, our train aficionado informs me Oyster Pay as You Go (PAYG) cards can be used at Broxbourne station.

Marion said...

Intend going as the start is in my home territory and it will be interesting to cross from Essex into Hertfordshire. Allow plenty of time to get to Epping as the stations are far apart and only one in 3 trains go to Epping.

Mike A said...

n=8 walkers on a w=overcast_day_with_some_sun_and_a_few_spots_of_rain. Don't get me started on the brambles though ...

Anonymous said...

Nice and succinct review of the walk
Thanks Mike

PeteB said...

I couldn't make the walk on Saturday so I did it today. DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Pete B - at least we had each other for support. Some of us even went though on our hands and knees

PeteB said...

Thanks Anon- was that the path just after you managed to find your way out of the golf course? And yes I did 3m of it on hands and knees. Not dignified for someone of my advanced years.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately mine was less dignified as I am on video with the camera person patronisingly saying "Come on you can do it" whilst laughing in a somewhat uncontrolled manner.