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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Wednesday walk Faversham Circular walk - a coastal walk with creeks and marshes

Faversham Circular walk  - a mixture of Faversham Council's  own walk and SWC 299 - Teynham to Faversham

Length: variable from 12 km (7.5 miles) to 19 km (12 miles) or longer
Toughness: 2 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-10 hrs  South-Eastern's Dover Priory service.  Bromley South 10-27 hrs
Arrive Teynham: 11-20 hrs
Arrive Faversham: 11-25 hrs

Return: 16-02, 16-33, 17-02, 17-41 and 18-03 hrs

You should have plenty of time today to explore the fascinating town of Faversham, with its many historic buildings - and Britain's oldest brewery (Shepherd Neame).

Your walk today starts with Faversham Council's "Walk on the Wildside" - download herewhich takes you out onto Oare Marshes and along the coast before an inland return over farmland to Oare, where you can stop for lunch at the usually excellent The Three Mariners pub (booking ahead advised - your e.t..a is 13-30 hrs)
After lunch you can switch to the afternoon leg of SWC's own walk Teynham to Faversham with a sweep along the coast before you return inland to Faversham, with its choice of cafes for a tea stop before your journey home.
Teynham walk directions here L=swc.299


Anonymous said...

Arriving at Faversham on the 11.31 High Speed train.

Marcus said...

Perhaps those arriving on the service from Victoria could wait the few minutes for the Pancreatics to arrive.
Alas - I will not be with you on this lovely, short coastal walk and a favourite of mine: I picked up a nasty bout of bronchitis after the recent Woburn walk and it will be a few days more before I can venture forth on a walk.
For those of you wishing to dine at lunchtime, I do recommend the Three Mariners in Oare. I hope they can fit you in.
Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Hope you will soon be feeling better Marcus.
Always enjoy walking with you.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Marcus. Kindly consider a semi-wooded walk for Wednesday 31st of July, which I hope will mark your return.

Anonymous said...

n=5 in w=very-hot-sunshine 3 from Victoria and 2 from the high speed train.
The blisteringly hot weather was somewhat ameliorated by a fairly stiff breeze.
The marshes were busy with twitchers looking for an arrival from the US prairies. Their high powered lenses did not deter one of our number from taking a swim in the sea.
A wrong turn at the artesian well on the sea wall meant that we found ourselves back in Oare not long after we left it. One valiant walker retraced his steps and completed the route in full. A very very long lunch for four at the Three Mariners left everyone full of praise for the fine food and modest prices.
3 returned by road to Faversham, while one brave soul took the Saxon Shore route, even without any directions!
Highlights of the day were an abundance of Tayberries (google it) overflowing from an allotment and warm luscious Blackberries en route.
The council leaflet which we downloaded is difficult to follow. Too late, on the train home, I discovered that the councils route is fully covered by a GPX track on the SWC website. It's a variation on the Teynham to Faversham walk called the Luddenham inland route.