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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Sunday Walk – Lavender fields on the Shoreham Figure-of-8

Extra Walk 289a – Shoreham Figure-of-8
Length: 15½ km (9.6 miles). Toughness: 5/10

10:12 Sevenoaks train from Blackfriars, calling at lots of stations in south London and arriving Shoreham (Kent) at 11:09. Or take the 10:25 Canterbury West train from Victoria and change at Swanley (arr 10:51, dep 11:00) for the Sevenoaks train. Make sure you buy a ticket to Shoreham (Kent), not S-by-Sea.

Trains back from Shoreham to Blackfriars are half-hourly, at xx:08 & xx:38. You could change at Bromley South for Victoria, but you wouldn't get back much quicker.

This is a figure-of-8 walk in the familiar surroundings of the Darent valley: a southern loop via Otford followed by a northern loop via Lullingstone, where the extensive lavender fields of Castle Farm should be in full bloom. As the village at its centre has four lunch pubs and two or three tea places as well, you shouldn't have a problem getting fed and watered en route.

Note that I'm suggesting the shorter version of this figure-of-8 walk, described in the text as the Alternative Walk. Contrarians who do the longer Main Walk instead (by accident or design) might not encounter the others for the rest of the day – a blessing or a curse, depending on your mood.

You'll need to bring the walk directions from the Shoreham Figure-of-8 walk page. Clicking 'Alternative Walk' under Walk Options will save two or three sheets of paper and hopefully make them easier to follow.

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