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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Sunday Walk: Sandling to Folkestone and a cliff climb

Sandling to Folkestone, plus Folkestone Circular
Length: 11.2km (7 miles) or 21.7km (13.5 miles) Toughness: 5/10 or 8/10

As the summer warms up and sea temperatures start to rise, swimming walks become more attractive, so this walk offers various opportunities to take a dip along the coast between Sandgate and Folkestone. Indeed, if you’re just wanting a short walk, you could relax on the beach for the afternoon after lunch at Sandgate. For those seeking a more testing walk, switch to the Folkestone Circular walk when you reach Folkestone Harbour. This will take you further along the coast at sea level and then steeply up the cliff to return to Folkestone along the cliff top. In both cases the walk starts out through orchards, fields and downland, passing Saltwood Castle (formerly the home of Alan Clark MP).

The recommended lunchtime pubs in Sandgate are the Earl of Clarendon (01303 248684) or the Ship Inn (01303 248525). As always on a Sunday, it’s advisable to ring ahead to reserve a table.

09:43 Dover Priory train from Victoris (Bromley South 10:00, Orpington 10:08) arriving at Sandgate at 11:16.
Or 10:09 Margate train from St Pancras, changing at Ashford International (arr 10:47; dep 11:09) to arrive at Sandgate at 11:16.

Fast return trains direct from Folkestone Central to St Pancras leave on the hour (journey time 54 minutes). Direct trains to Victoria are at xx:09 (journey time 1hr 44 mins).

Cheapest fares are Advance tickets, £10 or £11 each way from Victoria, £13.60 each way from St Pancras. Usual rail card discounts apply. Buy before Sunday. Otherwise you’ll need a Super Off-Peak Day Return (£27.20 or £33.90) if buying on the day.

You’ll need to download the walk directions for Sandling to Folkestone.
If doing the circular extension, you’ll also need the walk directions for Folkestone Circular



MG said...

It's hard to believe that I was the only person on this walk but didn't see anyone else. Only very short shower in the overcast morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. I had a most enjoyable day, rewarded for some energetic climbs getting to Sandgate by a leisurely afternoon exploring the interesting changes in the Folkestone Harbour area, and the interesting art works on the way.

Anonymous said...

w=overcast-morning-sun-in-the-afternoon n=1

sylvia said...

Six of us got off the train as listed at 11.16 at Sandling, two starting from St P and four already on the Victoria train. We met on the platform, exchanged names and set off, didn't see anyone else so am somewhat puzzled by MG's commentsof being the only walker. We didn't have any rain at all so also puzzled by the mention of a very wet shower! Did you get an earlier train, walk a different route? There was a rain in the distance to the west. It was a lovely walk, ups and downs and a ridge with views of the coast including across to France. Two had sandwiches at Shorncliffe, three had lunch on the balcony at the Ship in Sandgate, very good Sunday roast apparently, one had sandwiches on the beach I think. The tide was high but some of us had planned to swim and after some dithering went in for a dip just past the harbour at Folkestone where it's sandy if perhaps not quite as fresh as at Sunny Sands which the sea had covered and was quite choppy. Tea at the very special Steep Street Cafe where you can browse second books as you sip, homeward on th 6pm St P train for some of us.n=6 weather=sunny and breezy

sylvia said...

sorry meant to say very short shower!
And one person did the extension.

Walker said...

N=7 including MG