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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Wednesday Walk Tadworth Circular, via Box Hill & Headley Heath

Tadworth Circular, via Box Hill & Headley Heath T=swc.139

Length: 11.9 miles  (19km) there is a short option of 8.8 miles  (14km)
Toughness: 8 out of 10: mainly gentle inclines but some steep ups and downs

"This walk over the National Trust's picturesque Headley Heath ("open heathland, woodland, and chalk downland") to Box Hill (also NT, noted viewpoint) feels very remote even though it starts within London Zone 6. The main walk returns via Headley Heath." You can lengthen the walk by going via White Hill (Add 80m/250 feet of ascent, 0.7 miles/1km), a climb up towards Staine Street (a Roman road) with far reaching views.

Trains:  9.47 Caterham , Tattenham Corner train from London Bridge (10.02 East Croydon) to Tadworth, arriving 10.38. Tadworth station is within zone 6: use Oyster, contactless etc
Return trains are xx13 & xx43.

Lunch  is The Tree, reached after  7.7 miles (12.4km), a large reasonably efficient pub. As far as I remember, there is not a convenient picnic spot by the pub, so have your sandwiches before you reach the main road, or carry on past the pub for around 10 minutes.

Tea is the "Blue Ball, a glorious place with a glassed in terrace and garden which does proper tea in pots"


PerfectlyImperfekt said...

Do i get the train from London Bridge to Tadworth?

Anonymous said...

Yes but if you're buying a ticket then opt for Tattenham Corner to keep the options open, same price. Walton-on the Hill just a stroll from the Blue Ball is Pistols Kitchen Pie Shed...worth a look

Anonymous said...

Who is perfectly imperfect?

PeteG said...

Tattenham corner is there to help with the train destination boards.

Thomas G said...

"...about 10..." I was told on the Thursday evening walk, with some walking a map led shortcut before lunch because of a fear of rain, and some also taking a bus after lunch to cut out a substantial bit due to actual rain.

Thomas G said...

n=10 w=rainy