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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Saturday walk - Buxted Circular - the Weald without the winter mud

Length: 16.3km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

10.07 train from London Bridge (10.22 East Croydon) to Buxted, arriving 11.16.

For walk directions click here, for GPX click here, for a map of the route click here.

Because of its length, this walk has a tendency to get posted in the winter, but you have to go back to the late Middle Ages (all right, 2012 then) to find it getting a summer posting. I thought it might be nice to try it without the slithery winter mud and to enjoy the gentle hills and woods and fields of the southern Weald in (hopefully) warmer weather.

Lunch is the Crow and Gate, which from memory is a fairly capacious and efficient chain pub, which is located almost exactly halfway through the walk (and pretty much at its highest point too, as far as I recall).

For tea you have a choice of two pubs in Buxted. The White Hart, mentioned on the walk home page as being refurbished, seems to be in operation again, and there is also the Buxted Inn. Both are open for drinks all afternoon, but those seeking sweet treats might like to note that the kitchen in the White Hart is closed until 6pm. The Buxted Inn may or may not do food all afternoon (its website is ambiguous).

Trains back from Buxted are at 37 past the hour.T=swc.95

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Mr M Tiger said...

16 off the appointed train with a n= 17 th catching up at lunch time. A w=warm-sunny-sometimes-cloudy day. Not a lot in flower - some pink stuff (campion) some white stuff (hawthorn, if I remember right) and a few orchids in the woodland. Plenty of stiles for any trainee ballet dancers, including one example made out of string (sadly, though, my ballet dancing days are over). Navigation through the golf course was a challenge for some (but not an insurmountable one). The Crow and Gate has a “we welcome muddy paws and boots” sign outside and seemed to please at lunch time. Back in Buxted, some sat out by the Buxted Inn for a refreshing blast of car-fumes to clear all that horrible fresh air out of their lungs. One walker got a rather nice looking dessert (sadly, only one spoon). Others went to the White Hart where there was a garden to sit in. There, they were told of a farm tea-shop not 15 minutes walk away that also does “pick your own fruit”. Some speculated that maybe the walk could be diverted to go past it. I said they’d have to talk to the walk’s author about that, but I will put details of Oast Farm on the comments page.