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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

BBC Prom at Royal Albert Hall

Prom  44

Sir Simon Rattle conducts a concert of sonic spectacle, bringing one of the great English oratorios together with an American orchestral classic.
Walton’s choral masterpiece Belshazzar’s Feast gets the Proms treatment with a 300-strong choir and Canadian baritone Gerald Finley as soloist.
More than 10 percussionists are needed to bring Varese’s Amériques – a celebration of the modern city in sound – to life, while Charles Koechlin’s Jungle Book inspired Les bandar-logtransports listeners to the primeval forest, where all the noise comes from the monkeys.
Les bandar-log 16’
Amériques (original version,1921) 25’
– interval –
Belshazzar’s Feast 34’
Gerald Finley baritone
Orfeo Catala
Orfeo Catala Youth Choir
London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Sir Simon Rattle conductor
To book, please click hereAlternatively, you can just prom on the day. Meet at the steps of Albert Memorial for picnic from 6pm. 

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