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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Sunset Special: Monks Risborough to Wendover via Coombe Hill

Book 2: Walk 1 Monks Risborough to Wendover via Coombe Hill T=2.1

Train:   Take the 17:53 Aylesbury train from London Marylebone to Monks Risborough, arriving at 18:45.  Return trains from Wendover are at 21:26; 21:56 and 22:56. Buy a day return to Wendover.

Distance:  6 miles or 10 km for those more metrically minded.

Difficulty:  4 out of 10.

A couple of us did this walk as a short winter evening walk and it occurred to me that it would make a nice spring sunset walk with freshly sprouted beech leaves. With any luck, we should arrive at Coombe Hill for sunset with a gentle dusk decent to Wendover for a late dinner or nibbles at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub (next to the station). More details and instructions can be found here.

Fingers crossed for good conditions!


DAC said...

Intend going.

Stargazer said...

Just n=2 set off under w=cloudy-skies for a lovely evening walk through the fresh iridescent leaves of the beech trees along the way….Notwithstanding the clouds (and a light shower), we were treated to some nice sunset color on the western horizon and more significantly bumped into a w=badger on its evening promenade...We arrived at Coombe Hill for the sunset and made our way down to Wendover for a quick meal before catching the 21:56....A good evening walk to remember for this time next year....