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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Saturday Walk: Circumnavigate Seaford

SWC Walk 314: A new Seaford Circular

Distance:  15.6 Miles or 25 km for those more metrically minded (with some short cuts suggested on the walk info page)

Difficulty:  7 out of 10

Train:  Take the 9:16 AM Ore train from London Victoria (stopping at East Croydon at 9:33) changing at Lewes (arriving 10:23; departing 10:29) to arrive at Seaford at 10:47. Return trains from Seaford are at 25 and 53 past the hour until 21:53. Buy a day return to Seaford.

This new walk in familiar territory has never had a weekend outing (according to SWC records).  It explores routes through the South Downs not frequented on other walks – so thought it would be a good offering for a navigation warm-up prior to the upcoming Scottish trip. The suggested route with basic instructions goes anti-clockwise. For those interested in a more navigation-oriented experience, we can go clockwise focusing on map and compass only…More information and some basic instructions and GPS route can be found here.

Both groups should meet in Alfriston for lunch – with the usual favorite being the George Inn (tel 01323 870 319), serving lunch until 2:30pm. Back in Seaford, Trawlers seems to have reopened for fish and chips (eat-in or take-out) also there is a charming pub on the station platform which looks worthy of serious SWC investigation.

Enjoy the walk!


Stargazer said...

n=9 met at Seaford station and after a discussion of whether to go anti-clockwise or clockwise, 2 set of anti-clockwise and 7 clockwise. On the clockwise route, navigation went smoothly with w=a-bit-of-everything-sun-clouds-rain-hail. Fortunately, one of the sunny spells coincided with lunch in the lovely garden at the George Inn. We looked for the other 2 -- but did not see them. The late afternoon over Seaford Head was atmospheric with sun and storm clouds in the distance. The watering hole on the platform is very good indeed and Trawlers now has a more modern look....the route itself is very good....covers some great territory not covered on other walks...we concluded it works well in both directions....

Anonymous said...

We were a bit late to the pub as we took a wrong turn. On the 5.25 train back though. You?

Sandy said...

Hi anonymous, impressive that you made the 1725 train. 3 of us got to Seaford in time for the 1753 while the others dallied at Seaford Head and, evidently, in Seaford.
The Runaway café on Lewes station was closed by the time we got there btw.
And finally, I agree with stargazer, this really is an excellent route, full of interest and 25km with no boring bits.