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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Evening Stroll: Kick Start the Bank Holiday with a Historical Thameside Walk

Itching for the upcoming bank holiday...start it early with one (or more) for the road on a Historic Thameside Journey T=Short.28

Distance:          5 miles or 8 km for those more metrically minded

Difficulty:         1 out of 10

Meet:                The Banker Pub – 200 meters from Cannon St. Tube and Rail Station (on the Thames)

Time:                18:30 – but if you miss our departure, you can certainly catch us up along the way…

With the Early May Bank Holiday quickly approaching…why not get started with a relaxing evening stroll along the Thames? The route basically follows the Thames Path from Cannon St. Station to Canary Wharf Pier, passing through historic Wapping.  It hardly requires any instructions, aside from, keep the river on your right – but, there are a few (found here) to assist with navigating along a couple of stretches where the Thames Path leaves the river’s edge.

We will be making three historic visits – at the at the Town of Ramsgate, the Prospect of Whitby and the Grapes. At Canary Wharf Pier, you can elect to catch a Thames Clipper back to central London or meander through the buildings to the DLR Station.

Enjoy the walk!

1 comment:

Stargazer said...

After a largely bright and sunny day in the office, it was a bit disappointing to arrive at the walk start with a w=shower. Nonetheless, 4 familiar faces and 1 newbie (making a total of n=5) managed to connect at the Banker over a swift half with the hopes of letting the shower pass....Given the busy agenda for the walk, we finally set off during the tail-end of the easing shower into quite an atmospheric evening along the river. I think most enjoyed the historical points of interest passed along the way. With the final stop proving a bit precious about what food they served where....we ultimately carried on to Canary Wharf where 3 had dinner.