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Friday, 3 May 2019

Friday Walk - Bluebells in Sheffield: Sheffield Circular (via Porter, Limb, Sheaf and Gleadless Valleys) [Peak District Trip]

Length: from 15.0 km (9.4 mi) to 27.7 km (17.3 mi).
Cumulative ascent/descent: from 430/365 to 780/732m.
Buses or trains take you back to the station from various points on the route, for details see below
Net Walking Time: 4–8 hours.
Toughness:  from 5/10 to 10/10
Take the 09.02 Sheffield train from St. Pancras, arrives Sheffield at 11.01.
Return trains to London are plentiful, either direct to St. Pancras or via Doncaster to King’s Cross. Some reasonable prices are available.
Trains on the Hope Valley Line  towards Grindleford, Hathersage, Bamford, Hope and Edale leave xx.14 to 21.14, then 22.47 and 23.27.

“This walk leads from the hustle and bustle at the centre of one of the most populous British cities through gradually less urban areas into excellent walking country – with ancient escarpment woodlands, tumbling streams and panoramic views – through the scenic, wooded valleys of Sheffield’s south west, the greenest and cleanest of Britain’s large towns.
Escape from Sheffield’s City Centre, first along streets and through the atmospheric landscaped Victorian General Cemetery, then the woodlands of the municipal Endcliffe Park  and the narrow wooded Porter Valley  (part ancient woodlands, part plantation or meadows) to a viewpoint on the edge of moorlands at the fringe of the Peak District, and from there to the early lunch option (with views) in Ringinglow.
Continue by descending through the steep-sided Limb Valley, Whirlow Brook Park and Ecclesall Woods to Dore, a late lunch stop and your first chance for an early finish: a train or a bus back to the City Centre. Several other opportunities for early finishes by bus arise in the further stages of the walk, whose following woodlands and valleys offer somewhat diminishing returns in pleasure and in ‘otherness’.
From Dore you climb once again through Ladies’ Spring Wood and Chancet Wood to Graves Park. From there the walk continues through the Gleadless Valley and Meersbrook Park back to the City Centre, but for the return to Sheffield Midland Station you’ll need to take a bus, regardless of where you finish.
The route includes large parts of the waymarked ‘Sheffield Round Walk’, but diverges in places. Opportunities to avoid most of the hard surface walking at the start are described.”

Walk Options:
To cut some – or all – of the tarmac-heavy urban stretches at the start take one of the bus shortcut options from Sheffield Interchange (see the walk directions for how to get there from the train station). Details about bus frequency, bus stops to use, and the exact walk route once off the bus are provided at the end of the main walk text under ‘Bus Shortcuts’:
cut 1.6 km net: buses 4/4A to Sheffield Cemetery;
cut 3.2 km net: buses 6/65/271/272 to Endcliffe Park;
cut 3.8 km net: bus 120 to Whiteley Wood;
cut 6.2 km net: bus 120 to Forge Dam Café.
You can take a train back to Sheffield from Dore & Totley Station (15.0 km/9.4 mi) on the Hope Valley Line (8 mins journey time).
You can take a bus back to the City Centre from many places along the route, from Dore onwards.

Lunch: The Norfolk Arms in Ringinglow (10.2 km/6.4 mi, food served all day) or The Summerhouse in Dore (15.0 km/9.3 mi, food served all day).
Tea: The Rose Garden Cafe  (open to 16.00) plus plenty of options in Sheffield Town Centre.
For walk directions, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files  click here. T=swc.267


Thomas G said...

Worried about carrying your luggage for the whole trip during the walk? There is a outfit just 1 minute from the station: £5 for the day, open 09.00-21.00 hours.

BrightSpark said...

If you intend catching a bus to Forge Dam Cafe, I advise you to have the full address on you because when I caught this bus a couple of years ago the bus driver had know idea where Forge Dam Cafe was. This caused problems because the bus driver had know idea what to charge us, plus she couldn't tell us where to get off. The Forge Dam Cafe is in Fulwood.

Thomas G said...

The bus stop is called: Brookhouse Hill/Silver Birch Avenue. See page 11 of the walk directions.