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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Sunday Walk: Haslemere Circular

Book 1 walk 22
Difficulty 4/10  14 km, 8.7 miles
A beautiful walk through mixed woods and heathland. A traditionally muddy climb after lunch takes you up to Black Down, the highest point in Sussex, with fine views.
Trains: take the 09:30 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo (Clapham Jct 09:39) arriving Haslemere at 10:32.
Trains return from Haslemere at xx:17 and xx:42.
Lunch: The Red Lion, Fernhurst (01428 643112). They like to be warned, so good idea to phone from the station.
Tea: Darnleys on Haslemere’s High Street or Hemingways across the road. There are at least two pubs on the High Street, The Swan and the White Horse. The station is 10 mins walk from the High Street.
Directions can be found here.


Barbara said...

I would like to join ypu on this walk. Where in Waterloo Staion should we meet, unde the clock?

Kind regards


Mr M Tiger said...

Barbara....You may be lucky and have someone meet you under the clock but it's more usual to meet at the destination station either on the platform or near the ticket barrier. Look out for a group in typical walkers attire. If you haven't already looked at our guide for new members yet, have a look for the link at the top of the page.

PeteB said...

Oh No Darnleys has closed!! Still there are other options.

Mr M Tiger said...

N=21 on this walk on a w=dry-sunny day. T-shirt weather for some and lunch at the Red Lion was al fresco. It’s probably been said before and no doubt it will be said again .... this is more than a 4. I reckon more like a 7. But an enjoyable walk all the same. Others agreed. Mudlarks squealed with delight on encountering the afternoon bridleway. “Even muddier than usual” said one. “Seen it muddier” growled Mr Tiger. Tea was taken mostly at Hemingways, the White Horse for others. On leaving, it was noticed that Darnley’s was not as closed as had been suggested. Unless, of course, those sipping tea inside were nought but wraiths – mere shadows of a bygone era.