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Sunday, 24 March 2019

A Magical Midsomer Murder Tour (AKA Henley via Turville)

Henley Circular via Turville  t=swc.223

SWC Walk 223:  Henley Circular via Turville

Distance:  15 miles or 24 km for those more metrically minded or 17.2 miles/27.5 km if doing the extended option via Stonor Park (shorter options available with bus assist – see instructions)

Difficulty: 5 out of 10 for the main walk; 8 out of 10 for the extended version

Train:  Take the 9:45AM Great Western Reading train from London Paddington, changing at Twyford (arrive 10:33; depart 10:38), arriving at Henley at 10:50.  Return trains (all requiring a change at Twyford) are at 23 and 53 past the hour until 18:53 when they become hourly at 53 minutes past the hour. Buy a day return to Henley. 

In hot pursuit of a suspect, this walk investigates several picturesque villages in the Thames Valley and Chilterns that seem to have an unusually high frequency of mysterious featured in the Midsomer Murder programs....The morning is fairly flat through a valley to Turville, a picture postcard village. The tempo increases a bit with more hills on the return leg particularly if you do the Stonor extension.  You can find more information about the walk and download the walk instructions here.

The recommended lunch pub is the Frog Inn (01491 638 996) in Skirmett (7 miles/11 km into the walk) as back-ups the Bull & Butcher (01491 638 283) in Turville (7.9 miles/12.6 km into the walk) and the Chequers Inn (01491 638 335) in Fingest (on a slight detour – 7.5 miles/12 km into the walk) both serve food on Sunday until 4:00pm. 

Tea can be had at various locations in Henley with favorites being the Angel pub on the river or the Chocolate Café nearby.

Enjoy the walk and keep your eyes peeled for clues!


Sean said...

You might have to detour along the A4155 (or take the bus) for the last 3km. Someone left a comment here in January that the footpath past Fawley Court was closed because of a collapsed bridge. This newspaper report said that Bucks County Council hoped to replace it by end-March, but these things always seem to take longer.

Stargazer said...

Seven alighted from the train to find two others on the platform, making for a total of n=9 on this w=warm-sunny-day.

Conditions could not have been better for our investigation of the midsomer murder villages....From the get go, clues were abounding...a large lone red glove on a post; two boots protruding from a bush...another lone black glove on the side of a lane....All very suspicious...During our investigating in the morning, we managed to lose 2 along the way, though one later surfaced at the lunch pub; the other headed bravely off on his own.....never to be seen again (at least on Sunday)….

The lunch pub was fab...I think it would definitely satisfy the gourmet group...After lunch, 5 climbed to the windmill in Turville for a birds-eye view of the lovely valley and 6 ultimately decided to make the most of the fine weather with the extension via Stonor Park which was well worth the effort. On the final approach back to the Thames we were treated to the pleasure of a massive young lamb nursery full of infants...some not really sure what to do; some slightly older frolicking in a gang and one rather curious little guy intent on inspecting a visiting pheasant....

On to the river for the final stretch with the setting sun...lovely way to end a long walk...until reaching a canal with no bridge....(the signage on this end not being very clear about the status of things)...However, being a resourceful lot, we found an alternate route around the water obstacle (certainly not the first and doubtfully not the last to use this unofficial option)….the signage on the Henley side of the closure was slightly more clear, suggesting a closure of the path until about May 2019...

Arriving in Henley about 18:25, a tactical decision was made to forego G&Ts at the pub and gather some provisions before catching the 18:53 for what was a very jolly journey back to London....