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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Wednesday walk Arundel Round - via Warningcamp Hill, Wepham, Burpham, South Stoke and Arundel Park

SWC 100 - Arundel Circular: morning leg of  SWC 100; in afternoon, opening leg of Book 1, Walk 32 - in reverse

Length: 16 km (10 miles)
Toughness:  3 out of 10  (a few gentle inclines and descents, otherwise flat)

London Victoria: 10-06 hrs   Bognor & Portsmouth Harbour service   CJ 10-13 hrs,  EC 10-23 hrs
Arrive Arundel: 11-28 hrs

Return: 13 & 46 mins past the hour

Mid-week walkers experimented with this mix and match walk combo this time last year, and as it was well received and worked quite well, let's give it another spin !

The walk includes what is arguably the best bits of the SWC Extra walk and the Book 1 classic. I leave it to you to read up the details in the Walk Directions.

Lunch is at the popular George Inn in Burpham. I will make a reservation for us. Back in Arundel you have a choice of tea shops and local hostelries.
You will need SWC 100 for your morning leg-here  L=swc.100

.......and for your afternoon leg, Book 1, Walk 32 (R) - here

To follow the Book 1 walk in reverse, without one of those hand-held gizmos, the SWC Walking Backwards Guide might be of assistance - here


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcues,
Before I book my ticket just checking that this walk is DEFINITELY going ahead next Wednesday. Please can you re confirm?
thanks very much,

Marcus said...

Hi Lily
I'm not aware of any planned industrial action or emergency engineering works which could prevent this walk taking place, or put a spanner in the works, so - yes - best I know, the walk will go ahead as posted - and I hope to be in attendance.

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks very much Marcus. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
Just an FYI, ticket booked for Arundel

Anonymous said...

Hello Marcus I may do my own version of Amberley to Arundel swithching to your vwersion in the afternoon Jane
Walk 22 Book 2

Marcus said...

Hi Jane, your Book 2 start also makes for a lovely walk. The 10-06 hrs service does not stop at Amberley, so you should aim for the earlier 09-36 hrs service from Victoria to Bognor and Southampton Central (Clapham Junction 09-43 hrs). We hope to see you in Burpham.

Anonymous said...

Been delayed so will be o30mns behind you on this morning's walk
See you at lunch ;)

Thomas G said...

16 off the much delayed (signal failure near Earlsfield) train, plus 1 who had driven down and set off unwilling to wait, plus 1 on a later train, met at the lunch pub, n=18. The weather was w=sunny-and-warm-for-the-season. Snowdrops, Primroses and Daffodils (just in the one place) were out, and a woodpecker was heard. Else a perfectly quiet day with some interesting churches and fine far views from the downs.
The lunch pub was kind of stressed out by us ordering individually at the bar (could they still charge the "large table-10% surcharge" for service? they could...) and by paying higgledy-piggledy, and then having the temerity to ask for cutlery with the meals, but the food at least deserved a 7/10 rating, so all in: ok-ish for the (steep) prices. At the end, one of the vanguard dashed for the 16.13, while others dived into the Motte & Bailey cafe (unused to the luxury of finishing a walk while the cafes are still open) in the knowledge that the next train was just 30 minutes away...only to then see it had been cancelled. The extra time gained was spent in The White Hart, where most of the later arrivals joined us.

Anonymous said...

A thought: isn't it time that we used a more scientific way of assessing walk difficulty? There are walk apps that give details of total ascent and descent, and we can also factor in distance before and after lunch as well as total distance walked. The difficulty figure is surely for the guidance of new or less-experienced walker, rather than those who can happily walk 20 miles. I would say that the description of the Arundel Circular as having "one or two gentle inclines" is misleading. it was a great walk, but also has some significant climbs and descents and, importantly, 70% of the walk comes after lunch. I would have given the walk a "5", at least. what do others think?

Trainspotter said...

A small piece of information for anyone thinking of claiming compensation for yesterday's signaling problems. The location was Earlswood (not Earlsfield)!

Marcus said...

Picking up on "Anonymous's " point over difficulty - agreed - this version of the Arundel walk warranted a toughness rating of 5, and not the 3 as posted. Difficulty ratings for most of our walks are properly assessed by walk authors who take into account ascents and descents and distances, using gpx and other devices as necessary: no need to adopt anything more "scientific" as suggested by Anonymous. I just got today's rating wrong.

Whilst in apology mode, I must apologise for my short outburst of bad temper in the George sans Dragon at lunch. Thomas has reported on the haphazard service - I briefly got fed up when they lost my order. But to be fair to the staff, the pub has just changed hands and the staff are still getting used to the new systems. And the food when it arrived was up to the George's usual high standard.

A nice walk in positively Spring-like weather, some lovely vistas, mud-levels mostly low - and good SWC company.