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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunday Walk: Chesham Circular or to Great Missenden

CW2 walk 4
11.8 km 7.3 miles (circular) or to Gt Missenden 9.6 miles
Difficulty 3/10
Take the Met Line all the way to the Chilterns. Sweeping views, big trees.
Get the Metropolitan line to Chesham from Baker Street at 09:50 arriving Chesham at 10:44.
Trains return from Chesham at xx:27 and xx:57.
A zone 1-9 travel card will do you for the Circular.
The Great Missenden ending would require an additional single back to the boundary. Trains leave there at xx:32.
Lunch:  The circular walk visits the  Bell Inn, Chartridge 01494 782 878. Phoning advised. They say they can get fully booked on a Sunday, in which case, you might want to consider the full walk to Great Missenden which visits the The Cock and Rabbit, Lee Common 01494 837 540.
Tea: Several places are listed for Chesham: The quirky Drawing Room in Frances Yard 01494 791 691 is a favourite - it appears to be open till 5 but advisable to phone and check.
Your tea stop in Great Missenden would either be at the Roald Dahl Museum or one of the two pubs near the station.
Directions: here. You need the main directions  plus the extra directions for the circular.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr M Tiger
This posting reminds me of the last time that I walked this route. We supped our tea at that favourite cafe of mine
which stands out as the best tea room on all of our walks. You might disagree with me but please note YOU ARE WRONG and seeing as this is an anonymous posting there is no redress.

Our short walk to the station after tea curiously led to two vehicles slowing down to have an oggle at the two of us who were at the front - and this led to a discussion around prostitution and one of our group suggesting that she was up for swinging if we were - not very gallant of us other three but we all demurred, if I get another chance I will agree next time. And then poetry occurred as a piece by Max Miller was quoted that goes 'I was walking along this narrow mountain pass - so narrow that nobody else could pass you, when I saw a beautiful blonde walking towards me'. and I will have to leave the rest as it is too rude to put on here. Google will finish it off for you if you are curious

Mr M Tiger said...

Oh Lor! Readers are assured there are no mountain passes on this walk, narrow or otherwise.

Bill S said...

As there were four of us taking tea in the Drawing Room on that occasion I could hazard a guess as to the identity of anonymous. Luckily for them I am inclined to agree that the Drawing Room is a fine establishment, and definitely one of a kind. The Cock and Rabbit is another singular establishment, though for a different reason. But perhaps for not much longer as I saw the other day that it was for sale. Assuming that it survives as a pub I doubt the new owners will continue its retro Italian theme ...

Bridie said...

Hey Bill
Now that is curious. I was also one of rhe walkers on that group of 4 and I felt the Anon piece of writing below might have been you. A bluff maybe? or one of the other two?

Bill S said...

Not me guv!

Anonymous said...

4 walkers met at Chesham Station and a late starter joined us at the Bell Inn.
Rain during the morning and sunshine after lunch.
Beautiful vistas and charming walking companions made the day most enjoyable.
Thank you to Mr Tiger for posting this walk.

Anonymous said...

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