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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Saturday Walk: Guildford to Farnham

13.8 miles/22.2km
4 out of 10

This is a walk of two halves, with gentle countryside in the morning, passing by the Watts Gallery to lunch at Puttenham, while the afternoon route heads up into the wilder Surrey Heathlands.

Trains: 10:00 from London Waterloo, arriving at Guildford at 10:33. Return from Farnham at xx28/xx58. A day return to Farnham is also valid for the outward journey to Guildford.

Lunch: An early stop after 5.2 miles/8.3 km at The Good Intent, Puttenham, food served until 2:30pm (tel 01483 810387).  An alternative to the Good Intent is to stop 300m before at the Harvester pub on the B3000. 



Unknown said...

Hi Bridie2,

I would like to join you on your walk from Guildford to Farnham on Saturday. This will be my first time walking with the Saturday Walkers club, is their any thing I need to know?

Regards Barry

Walker said...

There is lots of useful information about how our walks work here, Barry

Unknown said...

Thank you for the quick response. I have downloaded the walk PDF and will also take a print out. See you on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I may take up the option in the directions to do the shorter circular walk back to Guildford, at Compton (or possibly after lunch in Puttenham)

Thomas G said...

12 at Guildford Station, one of which had walked in from his car parked at Watts Gallery, near where we later picked up his partner, so n=13 in w=sunny-then-grey weather. 9 ate at The Good Intent (we had called ahead to book a table), the picnickers joined us so we all left at the same time, but then we split into sub-groups when crossing Puttenham Common and the woods thereafter. Snowdrops nearly everywhere up to the Commons, in gardens, under large trees, in churchyards and on the wayside. The River Wey full and fast-flowing. Mud: still modest for the time of year. Unbelievable numbers of dog walkers, and some hikers as well.
In Farnham some went to The Lamb, others to The Mulberry, the stragglers were on the 16.58.