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Saturday, 9 February 2019

A short walk with a Pub and maybe a ghost or two - Pluckley Circular

Getting there:

Catch the 10:00 am Ramsgate train from Charing Cross (10:03 from Waterloo East, 10:08 from London Bridge) arriving at Pluckley 11:20am - plenty of time for a natter and a crossword or two.

You could also catch the 10:09 high speed train from St. Pancras (10:16 Stratford) changing at Ashford, but this arrives 14 minutes before the chugger from Charing Cross.

What tickets to buy:

Buy a cheap day return to Pluckley, but note you cannot use this on the high speed service to and from London St. Pancras 

About the walk:

It's short, about 7.3 miles (12 km) and an easy walk around the village of Pluckley with lunch at the Black Horse which is apparently under new management. Connoisseurs of buildings may spot the Derring windows (doubled arched) in local homes and ghost hunters may spot a spectre or two.
The Derring Arms adjacent to the station is alas shut between 3:00 and 6:00pm, however the Rose and Crown, slightly off piste is recommended for afternoon refreshments in the walk information sheet. 
Expect mud, scintillating conversation, sunny spells, a promising pub and afternoon splinter groups.

Getting Back:

Trains depart from Pluckley to Charing Cross at 06 and 36 minutes past the hour.
If you have a high speed train ticket, then you'll need to catch a train to Ashford at 20 or 50 minutes past the hour changing there to catch the high speed train back to Stratford or St. Pancras which will save you about 25 minutes journey time



Anonymous said...

Plan to do the longer version either 9.3 miles or 11 miles - with lunch at Black Horse in PLuckley (4.8 miles in). All welcome to join us.

Sean said...

The weak and wobbly walkers who ask Mike A to post a short alternative when the others are 11+ miles must be a bit disheartened that Anonymous is inviting all to do one of this walk's longer versions. However, it's worth noting that on this one the options all come after the Black Horse, so hopefully the group will try to stay together for the morning at least.

Bridie said...

I along with at least a couple of others will aim to do the posted walk ratrher than extend it.
Black Horse has quite good reviews these days - I am looking forward to lunch already

Bridie said...

Hi Sean
Re your weak and wobbly walkers epithet- is that a pop at me for berating you for scrounging chips in a post a while back?
Revenge is best served cold - unlike the chips
Dig ya tomorrow man if you are about and I promise not to complain if my chip measure goes short

Sean said...

Hi Bridie
Us W & W walkers have got to keep our strength up and it's tempting to try out my sneaky chip-snaffling skills. But seven miles of sticky mud is a potential drawback and it's a long way to drive for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Just to show how popular this walk is. It has several options and suits all distant requirements. Thanks Mike for posting this.

Anonymous said...

15.45 and the Deering Arms is open - yippee

MoonBrain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MoonBrain said...

n=16 swiftly left the train, thankful that there was no rain.
One in rolled-up shirt-sleeves, we laughed. It turned out he was not so daft.
The bad weather walkers, in cap and gown, were disappointed to see their shadow on the ground!
As the w=sun_shone_and_wind_blew
We headed out expecting mud but, sadly dear mud-lovers, there was nought.

As the train was 20 minutes late, the Pluck(le)y crew walked at pace,
Concerned we’d miss our lunch place.
However that was not the case.

Having dispersed and taken various route and course,
We all arrived on and about the same time at the Black Horse.
Having anticipated lunch,
Some had to wait some time before they could munch.
And when they did receive their food
There was a mixed reception: some happy, some not so good.
The crenelated beef pie was a high
However some pies had a lukewarm inner,
Which did spoil their anticipated dinner.
Another had a mushroom pizza
Which was enhanced by a red chili pepper
Donated by a fellow walker following the Scout motto “Always be prepared”

During lunch there was talk – how would they continue the walk?
Some opted for the short extension with a little apprehension
As without a GPX track it would require their full attention
The others, feeling drowsy after their spread
Opted to head to the station instead.

On the way, we passed the Derring Arms pub
What joy and surprise, they let us inside!
We all congregated at Pluckley station,
Waiting for the 16.08 with anticipation.

On the train, the we Pluck(le)y group reviewed our Dering adventure,
One lamented not visiting the Reindeer Centre (
Another noted that with a slight variation,
A visit could be made at the Pluckley Farm Shop (
On the way to the station stop.

The short walk was much appreciated,
And such future walks are desired and anticipated.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant commentary, MoonBrain!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post MoonBrain,
summed up the walk perfectly.