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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Wednesday Walk Garston to St Albans - River Ver, Moor Mill, St Albans Abbey and Verulamium

Book 1, Walk 7 - Garston to St Albans

Length: 14 km (8.7 miles)
Toughness: 2 out of 10

London Euston: 10-24 hrs    Milton Keynes service
Arrive Watford Junction: 10-39 hrs  Change trains. Have a coffee
Leave Watford Junction: 11-09 hrs    St Albans Abbey service
Arrive Garston: 11-14 hrs

[ The 10-49 hrs   Birmingham New Street service out of Euston allows a 6 minute change time at Watford Junction, which is a bit tight if the London train is not spot on time.]

Return: Either  St Albans Abbey to Euston, changing at Watford Junction:  16-07, 16-54 and 17-45 hrs
St Albans City to St Pancras: Thamselink fast services at 01, 13, 18 and 27 mins past the hour, and stopping service at 35 mins past the hour.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to St Albans Abbey. If returning from the City station you will probably  have to buy an additional ticket.

Not too ghastly a walk, with a Christmas Market in the Abbey's precincts, and you might catch a carol service in the Abbey

This usually makes for a pleasant and easy pre-Christmas walk. Shortly after the start you are likely to encounter a good dollop of mud in Bricket Wood Common but with care and some slopping around you should make it safely through and out the other side. Then it is along the drive of Mundon House and through its grounds to come out onto a bridleway which you follow for a mile or so  before you  head along field edges and cross a vast field to the lunch pub - the Moor Mill. At this time of year this popular pub-restaurant gets booked up, so I have made a booking for SWC walkers. For a pub chain the food is usually much better than the pre-digested fare often encountered at similar establishments.
After lunch you head along the Ver Valley walk through light woodland on a hilly section (the only hilly bit today) as you make for the village of Park Street. Then you have to negotiate some water meadows and walk along a field edge beside the River Ver to come out onto a residential street which you follow gently uphill  for a while - with  a fine view of the Abbey directly ahead of you - before you return to the river to follow it all the way to St Albans.  A short walk uphill brings you to the Abbey cum Cathedral. In its precincts you should find a Christmas Fair in full swing.  Inside the Abbey its cafe serves as your tea stop today. After exploring the Abbey (recommended) your final journey of the day depends on which of St Albans' railway stations you wish to return home from. Personally I prefer the walk back downhill from the Abbey to Ye Olde Flying Cocks pub (recommended for its choice of fine ales). Then through Verulamium Park to St Albans Abbey  station. Allow at least 20 mins from the Abbey to this diddy railway station. Allow slightly longer if you walk through the town and make for St Albans City station for trains to St Pancras.
Your walk Directons are here: L=1.7


Peteb said...

Your big dollop of mud is just as likely to be through the Ver watermeadows. Some tricky navigation may be required.

Marcus said...

Thanks Peteb
But the Ver watermeadows are likely to be soggy and squelchy - not muddy. Important to get this right, Peteb !
And shock horror - I am hoping to first SWC walk since early June.

Peteb said...

My dear Marcus, your comment elevates pedantry to new heights😂. Glad to hear you are getting back to fitness

Jane from Kew said...

Good News dear Marcus