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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Years Day Walk (South) – A new walk in the Medway Valley (Yalding Circular)

Extra Walk 320 – Yalding Circular
Length: 12.5 km (7.8 miles). Toughness: 2/10

09:40 Folkestone train from Charing Cross (Waterloo East 09:43, London Bridge 09:49, Orpington 10:06, etc), changing at Paddock Wood (arr 10:32, dep 10:40) and arriving Yalding at 10:47. Buy a return to Yalding.

Trains back from Yalding are hourly at xx:12 and go to Tonbridge. Change there for stations to Charing Cross.

Late Risers: Take the train an hour later and go one stop past Yalding to Wateringbury, arriving at 11:51. Go out to the road, over the level crossing and immediately turn left onto the riverside path (do not cross Bow Bridge); this is ¶7 in the walk directions. You'll only be 15-20 minutes behind the main group. You ought to have a return to Wateringbury for this, but it's only 10p more than Yalding.

This short and easy new walk looks well-suited to a New Year's Day outing, especially if one or two are generous enough to bring along a bottle of fizz; you'll reach a large picnic area at midday which looks like an ideal spot to inaugurate another year's walking. A little further on the Tickled Trout* is a highly-rated pub with excellent food: the mains aren't cheap but they also do a good range of small plates and sandwiches. Sadly, one of the walk's star features (Teapot Island) is closed over the holiday period, but the walk notes list two or three pubs nearby for some post-walk refreshment.

* I've reserved space in the TT's bar area for "10-12 SWC walkers", arriving at around 12:30-45. They didn't seem fussed about exact numbers or times but it would be courteous if someone called them from the station to confirm (01622-814717).

You'll need to print the directions from the Yalding Circular walk page.


Anonymous said...

thinking of doing the later start..🤔

Anonymous said...

Anyone going please?

Walker said...

New Year’s Day walks tend to be well-attended. SWC-ers don’t usually signal their attendance in advance, however.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys meet up at the train station to get a group ticket?

Bridie said...

Most of us have network card and oysters of some form so we tend not to meet up for group tickets though some may welcome the opportunity. There is also a number of stations (incl Charing X Waterloo London Bridge) where people can join this train so the logistics maybe somewhat hard work

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean the publisher
Why the change of trains at Paddock Wood rather than Tonbridge as advised by the train people?
Is it easier or quicker?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't have to change platforms when changing at Paddock Wood
SWC trainee transport adviser

Walker said...

Paddock Wood is definitely better. Same platform. At Tonbridge you have to rush from one side of the station to another.

SWC Master Transport Advisor

Anonymous said...

I think the train is actually 10.06 from Orpington, rather than 10.09

Anonymous said...

I'm going on the later start option.

Sean said...

Apologies, it is indeed 10:06 from Orpington. Post corrected.

Anonymous said...

Later start will do

Mr M Tiger said...

7 - or was it 8 - off the later train met up with 20 - or was it 21 - off the earlier train to give a total of was it n=28 on this w=dry-still-mild-but-slightly-chillier-than-it-has-been sort of day. Muddy in places. The earlier group were already under the influence of several bottles of champagne and prosecco by the time the latecomers found them near Teston Bridge. The majority spent lunchtime in the Tickled Trout. Near the end, some went in the Boathouse for further refreshment, some went straight to the station.

Anonymous said...

This walk is an excellent addition to the oeuvre. It is very gentle with wonderful views and no muddy fields to cross though there is one track that seems to be somewhat waterlogged in the pm, rumour has it that there is a spring beside it at some point but this was easily managed
The inn on the canal for tea were very friendly and one of the bar staff welcomed us with the idea that we would bring a walking group in at a future date for lunch - not sure that this pub lines up nicely for lunch but is was good to be welcomed.
The Tickled Trout at lunch is somewhat poshly laid out and staffed but also very friendly and accommodating. The food seems to have met expectations as did the beer but seeing as some 8 or 9 bottles of fizz had been consumed then possibly some peoples faculties may have not been as sharp as they could be.
Teetotallers seemed very happy and their judgement was unlikely to be clouded by sparkling water or whatever
It is rumoured that one woman brought three bottles of champagne

Anonymous said...

second enjoyment of this walk and thanks to Dirk and Sean + nice idea to bring choccies for after lunch! imbibement of prosecco mid morning improved walking progress as we reached pub quite early..lovely day