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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Saturday Walk – An alternative Otford Circular

Extra Walk 290 – Otford Circular, via Shoreham
Length: 14 km (8.7 miles), with shorter afternoon options. Toughness: Up to 5/10

10:25 Canterbury West train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:42), arriving Otford at 10:58.

This is the fastest route, but if it's more convenient the 09:46 Sevenoaks service from Blackfriars calls at lots of stations in south London and reaches Otford at 10:48. A third way is to travel out via Sevenoaks; if you get there in time for the 10:52 back towards Blackfriars you'll get to Otford at almost the same time as the Victoria train. A return to Otford is valid on all these routes.

The direct fast trains back to Victoria are at xx:26 & xx:56, the slower ones to Blackfriars three minutes later. If you want to return via Sevenoaks, those are at xx:18 & xx:48.

This is a variation on the familiar Otford Circular from Book 1, with a shorter morning around the steep-sided hills on the eastern side of the Darent valley and a longer afternoon exploring those on the other side. Like the original it packs a fair amount of climbing into its short length, but there are a couple of shorter options in the afternoon if you want something a little less strenuous.

You should be able to squeeze into one of Shoreham's four pubs for lunch, and to round off the day Otford has two tearooms as well as its pubs. If you're interested in trying some English wine the walk route passes The Mount Vineyard in Shoreham, but they don't seem to be offering free tastings this year.

You'll need to bring the walk directions from the Otford Circular via Shoreham walk page.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like this short and close to London walk won the day, n=16 at the station with 3-4 new walkers but they soon disappeared from the group. Despite forecast of rain, we managed the entire walk totally dry, w=overcast_but_dry. A classic SWC walk with beautiful autumn colours and varied landscope. We reached Shoreham around 12:30. 5 ate at Ye Olde George Inn and 3 dinned at Kings Arm. Food were good at both pubs. Several (4-5) from Ye Olde George Inn took a short cut in the afternoon (really? can't believe it, but it is true), at least 5 did the scheduled walk (8.7 miles), 2 took an alternative route in the woods to avoid romantic sound of 'Niagara Falls' (M25). Various segments came, went or met up at Hospice cafe for tea and cake, yum! The last group left Otford on 4:56pm train. A good day out. Thanks Otford for keeping us dry.