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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Saturday short - Leigh to Penshurst - Fair do's in Penshurst

An opportunity to explore Penshurst and visit the Christmas Fair there.

Length: 13.5 km (8.4 miles) with options to shorten the afternoon section.
Getting there:  Catch the 10:10 am from London Charing Cross, (10:12 Waterloo East and 10:17 London Bridge) - change trains quickly (platform 3 to 1) at Tonbridge to arrive at Leigh 11:05am
Tickets: Buy a day return to Penshurst.
Details of the walk may be found here and a PDF download here

The recommended lunch stop is at the Rock Inn (01892 871617) at Hoath Corner, however I suggest walkers wishing to visit the Christmas Fair at Penshurst (Village Hall) take lunch in Penshurst after visiting the fair, The recommended places to eat are the Leicester Arms Hotel  and the Porcupine Pantry (01892 870307)

The afternoon section of the walk via Hoath Corner, Hill Hoath and Chiddingstone is just under 9 km. However if you prefer the shorter route via Wat Stock and Wellers Town this is about 6 km.

End of Walk refreshments may be taken at the Little Brown Jug about 100 metres beyond Penshurst Station where trains return to London at 22 minutes past the hour (changing at Tonbridge)



Anonymous said...

Is this a fourth Saturday walk? Rich

Mike A said...

Yes, this is week 4 of the trial

Anonymous said...

Great initiative Mike for getting some short walks for us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here here

BrightSpark said...

n=11 walkers on this walk. w=drizzly all day. Thought I was in for a nice leisurely stroll in the countryside having chosen to do the short walk, however, there was so much mud this walk felt more like 12 miles than 8 or 9. The Christmas market in Penshurst was a little smaller than I expected, nothing like the size of the one in Winchester. Of interest to history buffs, like me, the first Rector of the church in Penshurst was appointed by Thomas a Beckett a few days before his death. Also there was a 'Dole' table outside the church but nothing had been left on it.
There was a wedding at Chiddingstone, it was romantic to hear the bells ringing out in recognition of the newly married couple. Good luck to them and good luck also to the turkeys I saw a mile further on. A pleasant walk with very clear and well written instructions.

Anonymous said...

Following on from BrightSpark's missive, this Kentish walk was relatively short with just one climb after leaving Leigh station. After the climb, the walk along the north ridge of the Penshurst estate was atmospheric in the dank and drizzly conditions before it descended to pass Penshurst Place and it's surrounding topiary which still looked magnificent despite the gloomy weather.
Penshurst fair was dampened by the weather so we set off to investigate "The Rock" at Hoath Corner for luncheon. Here we were not disappointed, friendly efficient bar staff in a cosy and quirky environment with many nooks and crannies. Some of us ate partridge and others fish and thrice cooked chips, all delicious I'm told. Sandwich folk lolled in the easy chairs around the fireplace.
After some walkers imbibed the local cider, tongues loosened and there was talk of cabs and short cuts. There was also chat about the pantomime "Aladdin" at the Hackney Empire (Oh know there wasn't, oh yes there was). So we will wait with baited breath to see if our Social Poster can come up with some ideas :-).
We deferred puddings (although they too looked delicious) and the group headed off to Penshurst Station, although I have to say some of us took a short cut.
The sheep in nearby fields were remarkably clean and bright and we were curious if this was the rain or if Kent farmers had devised a clever sheep wash.
About 1km before Penshurst Station, the forward group was overtaken by the two Russians on the walk running to catch the 3:29pm train (which they caught - bravo!) while the rest of us visited the welcoming Brown Jug and took tea (some scoffing home-made tarte tatin puddings) before catching the 4:29 back to the Great Wen.
An interesting day out with a pleasant surprise at the lunch time pub.

Anonymous said...

I did not find the path very muddy, it was the drizzle most of the morning made this walk felt quite long to Hoath Corner, although the afternoon was relatively dry and a lot easier. Or perhaps the distance in the walk direction was a bit under-rated as my GPS registered 9.8 miles (that was with the afternoon shortcut, which I am told cut the walk about 1 mile). A nice day out in good company despite the weather. Thanks Bridie for looking after us and for keeping most of us together.

Bridie said...

The Rock is very nice, small venue, good service, excellent food and even the ambience was delightful
One day all pubs will be like this
I need to visit it again