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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Wednesday Walk Ockley to Warnham - Woods and Rural Delights along the Surrey-West Sussex Border

Book 1, Walk 47 - Ockley to Warnham

Length: 16.5 km (10.3 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

London Victoria: 10-25 hrs    Horsham service    CJ 10-32 hrs     Sutton 10-54 hrs
Arrive Ockley: 11-33 hrs

Warnham to Victoria: direct service - 18 mins past hour to 17-18, then 17-46, 18-16 and 18-46 hrs,
or 39 mins past hour via Horsham to 17-39, then 18-09 and 18-39 hrs

Rail ticket: Either a day return to Warnham or a day return to Horsham - any route permitted

Leaf colour in the many woods on this walk should be coming on nicely to add to your enjoyment of this rural walk along the Surrey and West Sussex border.

There are two (usually) excellent pubs for your choice of lunch stop, with the Scarlett Arms in Walliswood being on the main route, and the the Punchbowl in Okewood Hill on a short diversion. If there are six or more of you wishing to dine it's best to 'phone ahead with numbers. Scarlett Arms  (e..t.a 13-30 hrs) 01306-627243: Punchbowl (e.t.a 13-15 hrs)  01306-627249.

You walk through more woods and farmland after lunch as you make your way to Warnham. The pub in the centre of town serves as your tea stop - the Sussex Oak. Usual warning - it's a good 20 mins from the pub to the railway station, so best allow 30 mins as trains are not that frequent for your return to London, either direct or via Horsham.

Walkers wanting a longer walk today have the option of adding on the Warnham to Horsham leg ( a couple of miles) as described in the Directions - but you are adding distance for distance sake as the route is not that exciting. But this option comes into its own if you miss the last train (in either direction) from Warnham and you have enough daylight to walk to Horsham.
Walk Directions here: L=1.47


Anonymous said...

Are you walking Marcus? best M

Anonymous said...

Are you, Marcus?

Marcus said...

Melanie, best we do not use this website as a personal diary.You have my e-mail address for any private communication you wish to make.
My general request remains concerning all walks posted by me: please do not bring your dog along with you. I believe many of our regular mid-week walkers share my preference not to have dogs on our walks.
On the subject of dogs (not my favourite topic), when I last book checked today's walk earlier this month, the unruly and out-of-control dogs at point 23 in the Directions, by the farms, are still there. What is particularly annoying, the dog owners look on and don't give a damn. As it says in the Directions, have that walking pole at the ready to keep the brutes at bay.

Anonymous said...

Ladies, do not despair. Stun grenades will be distributed on the platform, pre-walk.Lob cricket balls in your garden to simulate the action required.

David said...

n=14 walkers set off from Ockley on a w=very_pleasant_autumn_day_with_warm_sunny_periods. It was delightful and easy walking through serene woodland and quiet country lanes. There was no sign of any unruly dogs, and only occasional sightings of Gatwick-bound aircraft. The walk directions were excellent. The Scarlett Arms in Walliswood was the chosen lunch stop and at least half the group sat outside in the pub garden and enjoyed the unusually mild weather. We got to Warnham just too late to catch the 4.18 return train, so most of the walkers stopped off at the Sussex Oak for refreshment, while four pressed on to catch the train via Horsham. All-in-all a really pleasant day.