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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sunday Walk: Great Missenden Circular

Length 16 km 10 miles. Difficulty 3/10
A Chilterns walk that uses sections of two other walks (GM to Amersham and Chesham to GM) and visits the Cock and Rabbit for lunch.
From Marylebone, get the 9:57 Aylesbury Vale Parkway train arriving Great Missenden 10:38.
Return trains a bit erratic. Hourly at xx:29 to 15:29, then 15:59, 16:59, 17:29 and hourly again from 17:59. Why so? ask Chiltern Railways. Get a return to Great Missenden.
The Cock and Rabbit, Lee Common 01494 837540.
Has appeared in Midsomer Murders as the Rose and Chalice.
There are two pubs near the station.
The Cross Keys is one (it doesn't do hot drinks).
The George Inn has recently re-opened as the George Ale House after a long campaign to save it.
The "Café at the Roald Dahl Museum", as 'Cafe Twit' is now known, should be open till 5. It hasn't been open on Sundays since flood damage closed the attraction. However, if the museum reopens this weekend as intended, the Cafe will resume normal hours. Splendiferous.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. You need two sets of directions. These and these. You start off with the Alternative Great Missenden Circular directions. Rather illogically, you follow the second part of these directions before the first part (start on page 2, column 2, at “Book 1 Great Missenden directions to 3”. Then switch back to column 1 and follow those directions). These take you to point [4] in the main Chesham to Great Missenden directions, which you then follow, weeny weeny weeny all the way home.

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