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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sunday Walk: South Downs circuit

Lewes via West Firle Circular
Length: 23.3km (14.5 miles). Toughness: 7/10

09:46 Ore train from Victoria (Clapham Junction 09:53, East Croydon 10:03) arriving Lewes at 10:49.

Return trains from Lewes to Victoria are at xx:21 (journey time 1hour 3 minutes). If you just miss a direct train to Victoria, you could take a train at xx:24 to Brighton and change there for a fast train to Victoria.

Buy an Off-Peak Day Return to Lewes, or to Southease if you intend to cut the walk short and return from there (see below).

This classic South Downs walk divides into three sections: a climb over the Mount Caburn downs to Glynde and to lunch in Firle, a section of the South Downs Way with magnificent views on both sides, and an easy stroll back to Lewes along the River Ouse. To shorten the walk you could omit the last section (4 miles) and catch a train to Lewes from Southease (trains at xx:10). The suggested lunch stop is The Ram (01273 858222) at Firle.

The walk directions and further information can be found here and there’s plenty of useful Feedback too.



Marta G said...

Hello lovely people!

Is there anyone coming this Sunday? I am very keen on joining this walk or similar but I am new to this site so I don't know if there is anyone else coming?

Chris L. > which of the Sunday walks will you be attending? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marta
There will most likely be people on this walk tomorrow. Generally it is only in very bad (I.e. wet) weather that results in no one going. Saturdays are busier than Sundays, usually, so at a guess there’ll likely be 10ish people. People meet up at the starting train station, which here will be Lewes. But if you look around for people in walking gear on the train you may find you fellow walkers sooner.

Anonymous said...

Six people came off the train at Lewes, and another came on the next; one missed the train and started in Glynde and two came for lunch and a short walk. So all in all, n=10 on a w=sunny-and-clear-and-very-hot day. It was a hard start climbing up to the ridge, but 4 of the main group had a little siesta whilst 2 went to the Iron Age hill fort Mount Caburn which had a fantastic 360 view of the area. Many butterflies were seen, especially the Chalk Downs Blue.
Most people picnicked at the cricket pitch, and three members had lunch at the very nice pub. Here the group fragmented (as per usual), with two taking off soon after and two waiting for the one who missed the train. The two who left lunch meet the Glynde starter in Firle Park. Once on the South Downs Way, the walk was easy, offering fine views. Many took an early tea at the Youth Hostel in Southease (which may be added the directions as a tea option?), and most took the train back from there. Only a hearty four did the complete circuit, running into some troublesome cows blocking both gates on the path along the River Ouse during the final stretch.

All in all, a very fine, if not hot, day out.