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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Saturday Walk Marlow Circular

Marlow Circular  T=2.8

Length:  13.4 miles/21.6km 4 out of 10

The morning is an easy walk along the Thames Path, followed by a hilly afternoon through woods back to Marlow. There are shortcuts that end in Henley.

Trains: Take the 09.57 Didcot train from Paddington (Ealing Broadway 1005), changing at Maidenhead 1034 to get the 1038 Marlow train from platform 5B. Return trains are hourly at xx06

Lunch: Lunch is at Flower Pot in Aston, with its large garden and food all day 9.9km (6.2 miles) into the walk

Tea: Various options with a pub by the station: The Marlow Donkey


Mr M Tiger said...

N=13 on a w=hot-muggy day which made the 12 miles, that most opted for, an arduous affair. Herds of detectorists and white deer were spotted in the fields leading to the Flowerpot. Still some flowers and butterflies too. Service in the Flowerpot seemed efficient given how busy it was, I didn't hear many whimpers of discontent. In the afternoon, Homefield Wood was teeming with wildflowers and butterflies (for the lepidopterally minded, big orange ones and little blue ones). Then back to the Marlow Donkey where some of us indulged in a half pint or so of selected beverages.

MG said...

6 did the full mile Marlow Circular, 5 walking the regular 13.4 mile main walk, 1 doing the alternative ending so 14.8 miles.

Mr M Tiger said...

Just in case anyone is doubting my maths, 'lucky'13 caught up with us at the Flower Pot.

Walker said...

As the representative of the lepidoterally-minded, I felt it my duty to visit Homefield Wood and check out your report. The big orange butterflies are silver-washed fritillaries: lovely to find another place where they flourish, so thanks. The blue ones were Common Blues, for once living up to their name. That so many flowers have defied the drought is a wonder.