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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Wendens Ambo Circular walk

Wendens Ambo Circular walk
Distance: 23.7 km (14.7 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

Catch the 09:28 from London Liverpool Street, arrives 10:30. T=swc.116


Anonymous said...

A walk that speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

The shorter version of the walk is 10.8 miles long. However the lunch pub is reached after 3 miles. Doing the walk in reverse, one would reach the the pub after 7.8 miles, though they stop serving food at 14.00 hrs.
Perhaps an early and leisurely lunch is appropriate for those wishing to do the shorter version in what promises to be sultry conditions?

Anonymous said...

The name of the station is Audley End and direct return trains are at 19 and 40 mins. past the hour.

Mr M Tiger said...

N=5 off the 9:28. One stayed on the station to “change his socks” and was not seen again – at least not by me. I suspect this “wrong-way-Johnny” followed the map in reverse. Then I dropped back to change the battery in my camera. Not a euphemism. It was saying it was "exhausted" – it was a little too early for me to feel the same but I never caught the others up. The day was w=very-hot-and-sunny and by the time I reached Duddenhoe End, after a refreshment stop at the Axe and Compasses, I was beginning to empathise with my camera and doubted the wisdom of the full 14.5 mile walk. Realising the version that turned round at Elmsdon was no longer in the directions, I took the short cut. (I regretted this decision later cos once I reached cruise mode I could have kept going, like that battery-related bunny). Note that there is a substantial climb involved in the shortcut. But once you’re up on the ridge, it’s plain sailing. A bit too plain. On return, I made a point of visiting the Bell – a first for me -and disgraced myself by asking for the cold fizzy cider rather than the warm still cider they proffered. It was hot – OK? They have a big garden out the back. Nice day out.