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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Saturday Walk: Haslemere Circular

Haslemere Circular - Book 1 Walk 22
14.0km / 8.7 miles
Toughness: 4 out of 10

A classic Book One walk through woodlands and heathland with some great views.

Trains: Take the 10:00 from London Waterloo, arriving at Haslemere at 10:48.  There are 4 return trains per hour from Haslemere, with the quicker services at xx:02, xx:32.

Lunch: The Red Lion pub (tel 01428 643 112) by the village green at Fernhurst.

Haslemere has plenty of places for refreshments. For tea/cake head to Darnleys or Hemingways in the High Street.  Also on the High Street are the Swan Inn (Wetherspoons) and the White Horse Hotel.



Mr M Tiger said...

N=10 It were w=hot-and-sunny
Some bits of path had recovered from the wet winter, some hadn’t. :(
There were some patches of bluebells but not enough to induce rapturous "ooh"s. At least, not in me.But then, I rarely display pleasure.
There seemed to be a competition amongst subgroups to see who could get the most lost. I’m not sure who won. Maybe the people we never saw again. I myself only managed a minor deflection.
Lunch seemed to go down well in the Red Lion’s garden. Unfortunately so did the drinks. This made the notoriously muddy post-prandial bridleway even more of a challenge. Damn you Mr Fuller! Damn your beer!
Along the way, we made friends with some stripy cows and said hello to a few sheep.
Good day out.

Bill S said...

Well, if the Stripy One (the Tiger, not the cow) will drink the strongest beer on offer what can he expect.

I also counted ten in our group, but there was also a group of three, and at least one further pair, doing the walk independently.