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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter Day - Amberley to Pulborough [New Variant] [Walk-Check]

Length:  25.7 km (15.9 mi)
Ascent/Descent:  514/512 m; Net Walking Time: ca. 6 hours
Toughness:  8 out of 10 

Take the 09.02 Bognor Regis train from Victoria (09.08 CJ, 09.18 EC, Purley 09.24, Coulsdon South 09.31), arrives Amberley at 10.34; or take the 09.17 Portsmouth Harbour & Littlehampton train and change at Gatwick Airport onto that train (you have 6 minutes).
Return trains: xx.26 (80 minutes).

This walk has recently been fully revised, not least after the previous lunch pub is now shut (again). The new – longer and more varied – route leads through Duncton for lunch, a deviation that the original walk author envisioned as early as 2009, but never got around writing up. The old route survives as the short walk (but now w/o a lunch pub).

“The route follows the South Downs Way out of the scenic Arun Valley along some steep chalky tracks high up onto Bignor Hill for some magnificent views along the ridge, out to sea and across the West Weald. You leave the South Downs Way and pass Glatting Beacon with its transmission masts to then gradually descend from the ridge – not without a few short re-ascents up Farm Hill and Barlavington Down – past a few hanging woods into the Rother Valley. Pass the quaint setting of Duncton Mill and head for The Cricketers pub for lunch. Onwards you go through the magnificent Burton Park with its ponds, before you walk through several idyllic commons, part wooded, part sandy heathland, and eventually cross the Rother River and progress to Pulborough along a westerly route familiar from other walks, past the picturesque Stopham church and medieval bridge.
A shorter option descends steeply from Bignor Hill through hanging woods to the quiet villages of Bignor and Sutton (where the village pub is currently shut).”
Bus line 1 (Midhurst – Worthing via Pulborough Station) follows the A 272 and A 283 through the last part of the walk area. Convenient stops for shortcuts are: Fittleworth and Stopham. The bus leaves Midhurst two-hourly to 18.30 last, and calls Petworth 15 minutes later, Fittleworth and Stopham later still.

For summary, walk directions, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files click here.

The Cricketers in Duncton (13.0 km/8.1 mi, food all day).
The Swan Inn (Hotel) in Fittleworth (5.3 km from the end);
The White Hart at Stopham Bridge (2.3 km from the end);
The Oddfellows Arms (1.2 km beyond the station);
The Chequers Hotel (650m beyond the station).T=swc.39


DAC said...

Intend going.

Anonymous said...

hope to attend provided the saturday walk does not tire me out too much. weather suppose to be better on sunday.


Thomas G said...

17 walkers (incl. 2 first-timers) and a dog on the platform on a w=dry-and-overcast-day-with-far-views. The saturated meadows of the Arun valley were quickly crossed and the first of two steep ascents up the Downs commenced. Fine views opened up as far as to the Isle of Wight, as the recent rain had cleared the air very well. 3 (incl. teh first-timers) opted for the short walk while all else stuck more or less together on the new routing along Glatting Beacon, Farm Hill and Barlavington Down to Duncton, via its very scenic mill. The Cricketers Inn had ample space in a hitherto undiscovered extra room and eventually the picknickers streamed in to join the lunchers for tea and cakes.
There we had met 2 other walkers who had driven down, and then walked a Duncton Circular (via Sutton). Therefore: n=19.
The afternoon - through lower-lying ground - had a little more mud on offer, but it was quite bearable in light of the recent weather. Burton Park with its ponds, and Sutton and Fittleworth Commons added some more variety to the walk and the timing at the end worked in such a way that the main group did not stop at The White Hart, as we were on course to neatly reach Pulborough for the next hourly departure, the 17.26.
On the platform we met the shortcutters, who reported that The White Horse in Sutton has a sign outside saying it will re-open in late spring.

Unknown said...

Hello all. Had a great walk Amberley-Pulborough, I thought it all went swimmingly........
I am a dog owner/walker (Flo or Mister) and alternately bring one or other of my dogs. I did read the recent comments re dogs,but made no comment.Thomas led this walk and reiterated the policy and desire of the group and we are on exactly the same page on this,(you are a dog friendly group but not a bad dog owner group) and I have now noted the comment by Marcus and will take note. The anonymous comment,I don't know what to say except to say if I am on one of your walks tap me on the shoulder and tell me to keep a wide berth I will not be offended, I'll just weep quietly into my fleece sleeve ha ha....I do interact with the group but also sometimes, as do others, have quiet time. I do try and please most of the people most of the time.
After I've pressed 'post' I'm sure I'll probably think "Oh wish I'd worded that better"
Sorry it's such a wordy comment but please don't be shy or to angry. Just form an orderly queue and say it like it is....Big love to all

Monique said...

I really enjoyed the South Downs walk on Easter Sunday and I’m just wondering if I could make a case for some longer, challenging walks? As well as walking with SWC, I’ve started walking with Blackheath Ramblers. Last Saturday they had an 18 mile walk, and over the next five Saturdays they have 15, 21, 26, 19 and 17 mile walks. From a quick glance at the upcoming SWC walks this Saturday, they are 13, 10 and 12 miles long. Last weekend the longest SWC was 15.9 miles long. I’m thinking there must be some demand for a few longer walks, especially now that the daylight hours are getting progressivelylonger? Hoping to start some informed debate on this? Thanks Monique