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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Earlswood to Oxted


Length: 17km (10m)
Toughness: 4 / 10
Transport: Take the 9:57 from London Bridge arriving in Earlswood at 10:38. Return trains from Oxted to London Victoria at xx:24 and xx:54, to London Bridge at xx:19. A day return to Edenbridge should cover both journeys.

From the description:

This is a pleasant section of the Greensand Way, passing through gentle Surrey countryside, with a mix of pasture, arable fields and woodland, and some fine escarpment views typical of the Greensand Way


BrightSpark said...

n=20 on this walk. Not as much mud as you might imagine which was a pleasant surprise. The weather was a bit heavy feeling with one or two complaining about it being a bit humid. The people who ate lunch said it was good, the rest of us had sandwiches in the church grounds. Some of us went and had a look in the church afterwards and I think I may have, in hindsight, wrongly suggested that the church had an anchorite. There was definitely a brass plaque honouring a hermit next to a part of the church wall which was in the correct position for a bricked up cell but whether it was the window overlooking the alter or not I'm not 100% sure. Will check it out in a bit more detail next time. Tea and cakes were enjoyed in Oxted by all except me because the tearoom didn't have a vegan cake option. The tea was all right though.

David Colver said...

It's worth recording that Robertsons, the most obvious tea stop in Oxted's high street, and very conveniently near to the station
- had run out of Earl Grey tea
- had run out of all but one kind of cake
- announced with no subtlety at all that it would be closing shortly.

It perplexes me why the UK can be a world leader in various high tech disciplines but finds it so challenging to run a tea shop.

Walker said...

I share your perplexity, David. Perhaps the answer is that if you ARE the kind of person who is a world leader in a hi-tech discipline, you don’t run a tea shop. Possibly in other countries with more enthusiastic restaurant staff there are fewer hi-tech opportunities....

Thomas G said...

What high tech disciplines is the UK a world leader in, again?