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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Wednesday Walk: Amersham to Great Missenden - The Chilterns, Beech Woods, Toby's Lane and Little Missenden

Book 1, Walk 5 (R): Amersham to Great Missenden

Length: 16.3 km (10.1 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10 (more if Toby's Lane is muddy)

London Marylebone: 09-57 hrs    Aylesbury Vale Parkway service
Arrive Amersham: 10-32 hrs

LT underground Baker Street: 09-33 hrs   Amersham service
Arrive Amersham: 10-24 hrs
and wait at station for arrival of Aylesbury train (10-32 hrs)

Return: Great Missenden to Marylebone: 16-02, 16-32, 17-02, 17-29, 18-04 and 18-35 hrs

Rail ticket: a day return to Great Missenden (one stop beyond Amersham in travel zone 9) making use of any travel card you might possess.

A year ago we tried out this walk "backwards" on a Wednesday in January, and as it worked well, let's try it again !

From the railway station in Amersham New Town we head down through Parsonage Wood to the Old Town where we soon head uphill along the edge of a vast field (Gore Hill) to Coleshill. Onwards then to Winchmore Hill and Penn. I suggest we by-pass the two (very good) pubs in Penn and proceed through Penn Wood to Beamond End which soon connects with Toby's Lane, a long, potentially muddy or waterlogged way which heads due north between farms and farmland.This lane eventually drops down to the pretty village of  Little Missenden, where we will stop for a late lunch at the pleasant Red Lion pub ('phoning ahead advised - 01494-862876 - e.t.a 13-20 hrs).
After lunch you head through woods and over fields and through a stud farm before a stretch over fields takes you to the outskirts of Great Missenden. 
For tea in the High Street you have a choice of the popular Cross Keys pub, or Cafe Twit (part of the Roald Dahl Museum), or Matildas Cafe - all are close to the railway station for your journey home.
Tips on Walking Backwards here
Walk Directions here L=1.5


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Intend to attend this walk weather sunny and trains running for Chilterns line. Hope to see some of you.


Selina Shah said...

Hi, I'm new and would like to give this walk a go. Please look out for me. I'll be in a blue jacket and my number is 07981494967.

Thanks, Selina

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys can't make the walk house emergency. Enjoy the walk.


Marcus said...

Legs n=11 today, including one first timer. Once again, the weather was much better than forecasted: w=mostly-sunny-and-very-mild, with no wind and no rain, and considerably warmer than of late; in fact, very pleasant walking conditions.
The mud was as forecasted, though: lots of it all day. Between Colsehill and Winchmore Hill the mud was unrelenting and hard work to get through, but later, in Penn Wood and along Toby's Lane, where I was expecting heavy duty mud and flooded paths, the conditions were not at all bad. We made Little Missenden in good time for our booking at the Red Lion, where six of us enjoyed a good, inexpensive lunch, served with a smile.
There was excitement in the village by the time of our arrival as a rare hawfinch had been spotted near the church, and twitchers with bins and telephoto lenses had descended in their numbers. Our sandwichers, on entering the churchyard to enjoy their picnics, probably disturbed the twitchers, and said hawfinch if it was still there, but the twitchers had a good opportunity to take plenty of pictures of our sandwichers, who gamely posed for them.
Excitement over, it was still sunny as we set out on the short afternoon leg of the walk, which was both pleasant and uneventful. On reaching Great Miss tea was taken by us "twits" in the so-named cafe, whilst two stopped for a tincture at the Cross Keys. Most of us were then on the 16-32 hrs train having enjoyed a good day's walking in the Chilterns, in excellent company.