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Friday, 29 December 2017

Friday walk: Oxford Circular - Port Meadow, Rivers Isis and Cherwell, and University Colleges

Book 1, Walk 13 - Oxford Circular

Length: 15.2 km (9.4 miles)  or 11.3 km (7 miles)
Toughness: 1 out of 10 (more if muddy)

London Marylebone:  10-06 hrs    Oxford service
Arrive Oxford: 11-09 hrs

Return: Oxford to Marylebone:  15-43, 16-11, 16-43 and 17-41 hrs
             Oxford to Paddington: 15-31, 16-01, 16-31, 17-01, 17-30 and 18-01 hrs

This is an easy, relaxing walk which in the morning takes us on the flat over Port Meadow via the River Isis to the village of Wolvercote, where we will stop for lunch in the "library" of the cosy Plough Inn.
After lunch, we set off along the Oxford canal back towards the centre of Oxford. Those happy with a short(ish) walk today, particularly if the weather is inclement, stay on the canal tow path all the way back to the railway station.  Those wanting a longer walk can divert from the canal to Wolfson College to then follow the Walk Directions for a walk on an often muddy path beside the River Cherwell to the University Parks. Here, you can either embark on the Tour of the University Colleges (recommended if time and daylight permits) or you can head back through town to the railway station. Again, you don't have to decide until you reach the Parks.
Walk Directions are here: L=1.13


Marcus said...

Because of the heavy rain in Central London early in the morning, the bad weather forecast and the dire traffic warnings, I was not expecting anyone else to venture out on today's walk. So it was a nice surprise to spot two fellow SWC walkers at Oxford station, so that made n=3 for today's adventure.
Lady luck was with us today: either Oxford has its own micro-climate, or we just happened on a five hour respite in the bad weather all around us, for we enjoyed a w=mostly-sunny-day-with-higher-than-forecast-temperatures: in fact, lovely winter walking conditions.
Near the start of the walk the River Isis had burst its banks and flooded the tow path in two places. We managed to negotiate the shin deep stretches of water without taking on board too much water: fortunately we were all wearing good leather walking boots: canvas jobbies, favoured by many a SWC walker, would have been hopeless.
On across a soggy Port Meadow to the Plough Inn where we all enjoyed an excellent lunch. I always like stopping at this cosy pub.
After lunch, my colleagues departed to visit family on the outskirts of Oxford, and I headed back to the railway station via the Oxford Canal, to complete a relaxing, non-strenuous day's walk, and an ideal leg-stretcher before the New Year festivities kick in.
Home by 5 pm for an early bath.......

Anonymous said...

Glad you had company, Marcus. Happy New Year.