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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saturday Walk - A Canal, a Tidal Harbour, a Sandy Beach: Chichester to West Wittering (New Lipchis Way)

Length:  20.1 km (12.5 mi) 
Ascent/Descent:  negligible; Net Walking Time: ca. 4 ¼ hours
Toughness:  2 out of 10 

Take the 09.35 train from Victoria to Portsmouth & Southsea and Bognor Regis (CJ 09.42, EC 09.53), arrives Chichester 11.04. You need to be in the front part of the train.
Return: buses #52 or #53 (about 4 an hour); trains: xx.41 and xx.10 to 18.10, after that still 2 per hour but on different timings (from 89 minutes journey time).  
Buy a Chichester return

This is an easy walk along the final section of the New Lipchis Way. It starts in the historic cathedral town of Chichester and heads south, inland at first along a quiet canal, then a disused section of canal teaming with wildlife, then via the shoreline of Chichester's tidal harbour to West Wittering's wide sandy beach and East Head - a very pretty sand spit at the harbour entrance. Return to Chichester is by frequent bus.
The New Lipchis Way runs from Liphook to Chichester and is waymarked on OS maps. This is its final section. It has been adopted by Chichester Council, and is well waymarked.

Lunch: The Ship Inn in West Itchenor (10.1 km/6.3 mi, food to 14.30). Tea: Old House at Home.

For walk directions, map, height profile, photos and gpx/kml files click here. t=swc.167


Thomas G said...

16 walkers off the train (incl. 2 friends of regulars) and 1 other that took the route via Havant to catch us an hour into the walk, so n=17 in w=dry-with-passing-clouds type weather. Easy route finding with one or two exceptions. Quite busy with walkers and cyclists along the canal, as town gave way to countryside. Then another busy stretch along the approach to a large marina and after that we were almost always close to the tidal harbour and - with the low tide - mudbanks, birds and boats. Several stretches were between hedges so w/o views, and the paths were quite muddy in places after the recent rain falls, but that's all the negatives out the way. Lunch was had at the very busy but excellently run Ship Inn. Efficient and fast service, innovative, tasty and fairly priced food, excellent value. On to East Head's sand dunes and sandy beaches and then the proper East Wittering beach. Again with lots of people and a sunset that didn't quite produce a stunning skyscape, and off inland to the main road, where the main (slow) group got to the bus stop just as the 16.26 arrived. A perfect day.

Thomas G said...

West Wittering beach, of course