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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Saturday walk - Witley to Haslemere - Deep in the Surrey woods

Witley to Haslemere (Book 1, walk 44)
Length: 14.2km (8.8 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

10.15 train from Waterloo (10.22 Clapham Junction) to Witley, arriving 11.09

Buy a day return to Haslemere.

For walk directions click here. For GPX file click here.

Think of deep woods, dingly dells, shady by-ways: this leafy walk on the Surrey-Sussex borderlands will hopefully be a riot of autumn colours after all the cold nights we have been having.

The Crown Inn in the pretty village of Chiddingfold is the traditional coaching inn lunch stop, but nearby alternatives are available (see walk directions). And you should have no trouble getting to Haslemere high street in time to take your pick of the various tea options - Darnley's being the traditional favourite.

Trains back are at 02, 15, 32 and 39 past, the 02 and 32 being the fastest (49-51 mins), but the other two not that much slower (58-61 mins). T=1.44

1 comment:

Walker said...

N=14 on this walk including one late starter. W=It-rained-at-the-start-but-then-was-just-grey. The dull light made it hard to photograph the autumn colours (see Facebook) but otherwise they were pretty well perfect - oak and beech gold and brown, Norway maple and field maple bright yellow: only hazel was still quite green, but green with a yellowy tinge.

This was the first walk I have been on this autumn that was quite muddy. One walker had an awkward fall as a result and complained of knee pain after, but soldiered on to the end. The Crown was awash with a wedding party but they soon left for church and we were then the only diners. Good food and attentive service. I was pleased to have a veggie curry with big portions for once.

More fine leaf colour in the afternoon - this was the best bit of the walk, I think. Seven of us had tea in Darnley’s but three others crossed the road to say the cakes were better over there. Quite a few of us got the 5.02 train and we were back in London by six. Too early! But that is winter for you.