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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Chesham to Great Missenden evening walk

CW2 4a - Chesham to Great Missenden
Length: 9.5km (5.9 miles)
Catch the 17:59 Metropolitan line train from Baker Street to Chesham arr. 18:46, to meet at 18:50 prompt outside the the entrance Chesham Station.

Finish up at The Cross Keys for a drink / meal.

Trains from Great Missenden back to London xx:29 xx:59 until 22:59



DAC said...

Intend going.

Stargazer said...

n=3 night owls congregated outside the Chesham station for some nocturnal navigation under a w=three-quarters-moon-with-some-nice-surrounding-stars. Our journey brought us across undulating terrain and through some woods in atmospheric low lighting...Mostly the route finding went smoothly aided by the fact that one in the party was very familiar with the route and the ambient light provided by the moon....Having kept a good pace, we arrived in Great Missenden at 9:15pm and enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Cross Keys before catching the last train back to London just before 23:00. Definitely a different and fun night out!