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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Rolling Buckinghamshire Hills

SWC Walk 194a Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Aylesbury with Weedon short cut

Distance 18.3km (11.4m); toughness 3/10

Trains 09.53 London Marylebone - Aylesbury Vale Parkway 11.03

Return faster trains from Aylesbury at xx:18 and xx:48; slower train at xx:32. Buy a day return to Aylesbury Vale Parkway which is the stop after Aylesbury

This walk has an inauspicious start but soon you are in the lovely rolling Buckinghamshire Hills. Your suggested walk is the shorter option via Weedon where your pub is the Five Elms but you can do the long walk of 24.6km (15.3m) if you wish.

There are many cafe/pub options in Aylesbury for refreshmemnts

See here for further information about the walk and the different options and click on the download walk pdf tab for full walk instructions.



Ian T said...

Just N=2 for this walk. We both opted for the short walk. We reached the 5 Elms at 12:30. Sadly, a board outside announced they were only open from 2-5. Strange hours for a pub to keep and more or less scuppers the short walk as a Sunday option. I opted to continue the short walk. My companion decided to divert to the pub on the long walk and maybe get a bus from there. We went slightly astray after the 5 Elms, the instruction to cross the road and continue up the High Street being a bit vague. However we soon put ourselves right. One compensation for taking the wrong road was discovering a pond full of Aylesbury ducks down it. I continued on my own (nothing new there). I have to say that although the directions got me round without getting lost, I quite often had the feeling I could be. Not sure why. Perhaps the directions felt a little vague at times or perhaps a little more was needed by way of confirmation. Losing count of which field I was in now probably didn’t help. Weather was w=cloudy-breezy-with-occasional-light-showers I was round before the serious rain started. It looked bad up on the hills from the train back.

Ian T said...

Just had a look at the Five Elms website This may partly explain the strange hours today, Hopefully a temporary aberration.
"Please note: No food available
from Sunday 3rd Sep until Thursday 21st Sep 2017 inclusive"

Ian T said...

If anyone’s at all interested, I have come to the conclusion that we went slightly astray before the 5 Elms. We reached it from a different direction which is why we were confused about the route onward. Perhaps we took the wrong exit out of the narrowing field.