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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Exploring the London Heights

SWC Walk 257 Highgate to Hampstead

Distance 15.3km (9.5m); toughness 3/10

Trains: Highgate and Hampstead are on branches of the Northern underground line so this is one for your travel card.  Meet up at Highgate tube at 10.45am

This is an interesting and varied walk for those who don't wish to travel too far from London this Sunday. You will enjoy some fine views of London's green spaces mainly comprising woods and parkland. The final part of the walk takes you round Hampstead Heath with the opportunity to visit Kenwood House.

See here for more information about the walk including lunch and refreshment options and click on the download walk pdf tab for full walk instructions.



Blacksheep said...

Kenwood House is free, even if you are not an English heritage member, and well worth a look.

Sean said...

Half a dozen walkers had assembled outside Highgate station by 10:45. A few others with rucksacks managed to slip through our grasp but we did sweep up a couple enjoying a quiet cup of coffee so eventually n=8 set off. Early morning sunshine had long disappeared and it was w=cloudy-with-rain-later. We stopped to inhale the incense at St Jude's church (moderately High Anglican, the vicar agreed) before pressing on to Golders Hill Park café for a simple lunch. The revised directions include a longer tour of the park and after staring at Golders Hill Girl for a while we particularly enjoyed the Butterfly House as well as its small zoo (but failed to find any over-fed squirrels in the Stumpery). One had already ducked out at lunchtime and I slipped away at Whitestone Pond; I hope the remaining six didn't get too wet as they did the final loop around Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House.