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Sunday, 3 September 2017

The best of the Chilterns

Wendover Circular via The Lee and Swan Bottom
Length: 20.2km (12.6 miles) Toughness: 6/10

09:57 Aylesbury Vale Parkway train from Marylebone arriving at Wendover at 10:45.

Return trains are at xx:26 and xx:56 (journey time 54 minutes).

This Chilterns walk covers an entirely different area from the original Wendover Circular that was recently done as a Saturday walk. It runs along the Ridgeway, through many splendid woodlands, a conservation village and the beautiful Lee Common.

Shortcuts are available, one of which cuts 5km from the length of the walk.

The recommended lunch pub is The Old Swan in Swan Bottom (01494 837239), 6.2 miles into the walk. An earlier option is The Cock and Rabbit Inn at The Lee (01494 837540), 4.6 miles into the walk. For either pub it is essential to ring them from Wendover to reserve tables.

You will need to download the Walk Directions.


1 comment:

Ian T said...

N=6 at the station There was also a large meetup group following at least the early part of the walk. Every time I thought we’d seen the last of them they popped up from round a corner or behind a hedge. Eventually they disappeared, along with the rest of our group. Last I saw of them was the whole lot marching off over the horizon. However, I was soon in the lead. Havent they heard of shortcuts? (The idea was to catch up but, instead I was catapulted far in front.) Never saw them again. Got the 15:56 train. Weather was W=cloudy-am-light-rain-pm-cool