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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

"Bozzum" and Chichester Harbour

Book 1, Walk 37: Southbourne to Chichester

Length: 18.5 km (11.5 miles)
Toughness: 3 out of 10

London Victoria:  09-32 hrs  (Southampton Central and Bognor Regis service)  CJ 09-42, EC 09-53
Arrive Southbourne: 11-12 hrs

Return Chichester to Victoria:   10 and 41 mins past the hour to 18-10 hrs, then 18-37, 19-06 and 20-07 hrs

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Southbourne

Apologies to our younger walkers- train times and length of journey do not lend themselves to a post 10 am start today.

This pleasant coastal walk is usually enjoyable on a late summer's day, particularly if the weather is kind to you today.
Leaving Southbourne you soon find yourself walking along the coast as far as Nutbourne, before the route heads inland across meadows and farmland to Chidham. Then you make a long sweep around Bosham Harbour, at the end of which you stop for lunch at  Anchor Bleu, a pub overlooking the harbour.
After lunch you head for Fishbourne  beside Chichester Channel before a stretch along the road into the centre of Chichester. Tea is best taken in Chichester Cathedral's cafe. It's a short walk then to the railway station for your journey home.
Walk Directions here: L=1.37


Anonymous said...

Being one of the 'younger' walkers, i.e. not qualifying for pre-10.00 discounts, I will take the 10.06 to Chichester, walk the route in reverse, and invest my savings in a ticket to Fishbourne Roman Palace, slightly off route. I shall see you at the lunch pub...

Marcus said...

Splendid, young Anonymous - we oldies look forward to meeting up with you at the lunch pub.

Marcus said...

7 met on the platform at Southbourne railway station, and 2 joined us at lunchtime having walked from Chichester (including young Anonymous) so I make that n=9.
The weather was near perfect for a day's coastal and harbour walking, w=sunny-and-warm, only clouding over late in the afternoon.
The tide was in as we set out along the sea wall accompanied by a pleasant breeze. We stopped to visit the lovely church in Chidham, to admire the home made puppets representing people and events of historic interest over the centuries - including the four Beatles. Highly recommended next time you try this walk.
Onwards then beside Bosham Harbour into Bosham for lunch at the Anchor Bleu pub. How nice to find it not full and crowded for once. 6 of us dined in their upstairs dining room, with harbour views, and we all enjoyed excellent meals. The two Chichester starters joined us at the pub and they, too, partook of the cuisine on offer. We left the youngster to finish his luncheon as he was continuing to reverse his walk to Southbourne, whilst his companion from Chichester elected to return to Chichester with the oldies. I got left behind mid-afternoon as I was book checking and updating the directions (mostly still fine). I last spotted the group crossing the railway on the new bridge as they entered the city. A brief stop for me in the cathedral cloisters, then on to the station for my journey home (bang on time - thank you Southern). I believe the group stopped for tea somewhere in the city - perhaps one would like to add an addendum to my report. Utilising a number of adjectives:
Lovely walk
Perfect weather
Pleasant company
Excellent lunch
Good travel
Nice day