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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Oliver's hometown

SWC Walk 31 – Huntingdon Circular

Length: 18.5km (11.5 miles) Toughness: 2 out of 10

10:22 Peterborough train from Kings Cross (Finsbury Park 10:28) arriving Huntingdon at 11:22.

Return trains are xx:00 (1h 2m) xx:34 (1h 15m) until 23:00. If you wish to visit the Cromwell Museum, you’ll need to do so before starting the walk as it closes at 15:30. T=3.31


Anonymous said...

6 on this walk, weather perfect for walking in morning and then really sunny at lunchtime when 2 members of group swam near Houghton Mill. Several other places on afternoon stretch of walk looked possible swimming sites too. Group divided in afternoon with some doing short cut, some long version, some possible extra-long option. Idyllic (even bucolic) scenery, particularly in afternoon - small groups of cows (Holsteins possibly) wandering across water meadows edged with purple loosestrife, rosebay willow herb and (I think) coltsfoot. Sandals fine for walking today though I imagine much of the walk would be very muddy or even under water in winter.

Anonymous said...


A pedant said...

I'm pretty sure the yellow flower would be fleabane; coltsfoot is a spring flower. See Peter's nature blog for pictures.

Walker said...

Your coltsfoot was almost certainly common fleabane yes. A lovely flower despite its name and very common in late summer.

Coltsfoot does indeed look similar but is only found in early spring. I have photos of both on Flickr but unfortunately our webmaster's anti-spam measures mean I can't post links to them here. But Google would doubtless bring up good photos of both flowers.