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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Greenwich evening walk

Meet 19:00 prompt at the entrance to Island Gardens station (DLR).

If all had gone according to plan then this would be the last poorly attended midweek evening walk of the year. They were flagging a bit but thanks to Mike, Thomas and Stargazer they have been revived with good attendances. So maybe unlike in 2015 when we just had 2 (an acceptable number) on a rainy evening there may be a few more along this evening for what is not to be the last evening walk of the year.

Destination pub: Plume of Feathers, 19 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ.



Stargazer said...

For anyone interested in a "warm-up exercise", I will be setting off from Canary Wharf Tube Station (DLR side) at 18:15 to walk down to Island Gardens and meet the advertised walk. The route runs along some of the docks and then through a park.

Sandy said...

I'm planning to come tomorrow. I've got an errand to run after work but I'll be changing at Canary Wharf anyway, so if I get there by 1815 I'll join you for the "warm-up."

Thomas G said...

n=13 walkers met at Island Gardens DLR (God, are those trains full in rush hour! It's almost as bad as the Central Line.), 2 of which had walked in from Canary Wharf, in w=overcast conditions. Having read an article recently about problems arising in the Greenwich foottunnel between pedestrians and cyclists (it's narrow and busy, and cycling forbidden, but not every1 sticks to it), it was interesting to see that 80% of cyclists indeed raced through the tunnel. It may be time to install bike barriers every 20 metres or so, Greenwich Council?
The two local SWC folk amongst the group tried valiantly to lead us astray from the 'prescribed' route, and finally succeeded at the top of the park, where we had a look at the deer park's fence in two places (alas: no deer).
Great views from various spots in this fascinating park, but the gloom descended quickly. Nevertheless, we shillied and shallied and had a look here and there, so much so that the gates were shut when we tried to finally leave the park.
The fence looked a little too formidable to climb over, spikes and all, but thankfully a motorised warden was doing the rounds to let out strays like us.
Off to the Plume & Feathers, where the kitchen had shut 2 minutes earlier, so after one drink about half decamped to Bill's near the Cutty Sark DLR for v good food and a pleasant Malbec.