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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Adventures in rural Essex

SWC 158 variation, Ingatestone to Wickford

Length 18.8km (11.8m), toughness 3/10.

Trains: London Liverpool Street 10.02 arrive Ingatestone 10.36
Return trains from Wickford to Liverpool Street at xx:10 and xx:40. Buy a day return to Wickford.

With Waterloo essentially out of commission for August lets try this excellent Essex ramble, a shorter version of the 15.4m Ingatestone to Battlebridge walk which of course you could choose to do if you wish to visit Hanningford nature reserve..

Big skies, woods and big fields guaranteed on this attractive outing. Click .here for more information about the walk and for the pdf which has the detailed walk instructions and information on the lunch and refreshment options.T=swc.158.a


Anonymous said...

I would love to go on this one, anyone else can commit and help with map / directions?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind going for this walk either but wont be good with directions...
I guess we can manage with the walk info and map?


Anonymous said...

Me too I would like to go on this walk today! Do we have the instructions?

Anonymous said...

The walk instructions are available on PDF.. I took a print out and loaded a map on my mobile... if you are game, maybe we can take the 10 :15 train and meet up at the footbridge entrance at ingatestone ?

MoonBrain said...

I intend going.

Gavin said...

Lovely walk. Just five people on the walk. There did not appear to be any probs with the instructions.
Bakers Arms in Stock had excellent food, beer and service. End point at Wickford mundane with the Swan serving Doom Bar. No tea shops appeared to be open on this Sunday walk at Wickford. Gavin

PeteB said...

n=5 on the walk