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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Beautiful Bedfordshire and the country's poshest bedsit!

Download walk 264 Sandy to Biggleswade

Length 19.5km (12.2m); toughness 4/10;

or complete the loop from Sandy back to Biggleswade for a 26.1km (16.1m) walk ; toughness 5/10


09.22 London Kings Cross (09.27 Finsbury Park) arriving Sandy 10.16

Return Trains from Biggleswade at xx:20 past the hour. Buy a day return to Sandy. 

This stile-free Bedfordshire walk was inspired by the weekly Country diary in the Guardian newspaper where, from time to time, a nature writer, Derek Niemann  writes about the flora and fauna around Sandy. Although this is an area of large arable fields there is no slogging through crops or over ploughed land . The walk is mainly flat and before lunch generally follows the Greensand Ridge Walk . The route is a mix of attractive broad grassy tracks along field edges and woodland trails. 

You will be too early to eat at The Crown at Northill. (01767 627337) as you will only have done a quarter of the walk when you reach this attractive pub but it still makes a lovely stop for a short break. 

Your recommended lunch pub is The  Hare and Hounds, Old Warden (01767 627225). When you reach  here you will have done over 60% of the walk and so probably in need of refreshments! The pub has an extensive main menu and puddings.

Around 400m before the Hare and Hounds there is the lovely Abbey Church of St Leonards which is a fine spot for a picnic lunch.

After lunch you have the opportunity to visit two Landmark Trust properties which are just off your route. The very posh Queen Anne summerhouse is well worth a look.

See  here for further details about the walk and click on the downlad walk tab for full walk directions.

1 comment:

Ian T said...

Only N=2 for this walk, perhaps because of the w=very-hot-sunny day. A long walk with big skies and big fields. Having foundered on this walk before, it was handy that my walking companion was none other than the walk’s author, who kindly guided me most of the way. All I had to do was follow the white hat bobbing in the distance. A bit like GPS only with a real person. I had hoped he’d carry my bag as well but no, apparently that was stretching things too far (not his EXACT words, you understand).
Between us we managed to iron out the vague bit where I had got lost before. And get this – it wasn’t my fault. It WAS vague. But that’s all sorted now.
The village of Northill very pretty – we rested by the duckpond and watched a baby moorhen. Then on to Old Warden . The church there is astounding with ornately carved box pews, paintings, a balcony and other stuff. And a Norman tower. The pub was friendly. Neither of us ate but I partook of the cider, which was deemed to be good. Then, on to Biggleswade and the Surfing CafĂ© as recommended by the author.
We got the 16:20 train.