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Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Kent seaside amble with dramatic cliffs

Book 2 Walk 30 Dover to Deal 

Length 17.2km (10.7m); toughness 3/10

Trains  High Speed 1 by far the best option but a little dearer)

London St Pancras  09.42 (Stratford International 09.48), arriving Dover Priory 10.52

Return journey - you will need to catch a bus from Deal Station at xx:58  back to Dover  Priory station; (journey time approx 30 mins) to pick up the HS1 at xx:49

Buy a day return to Deal

The weather forecast for Sunday is looking  good for the area  - warm and sunny - so why not try this simple and easy classic walk which has  a couple of climbs.( It should be impossible to get lost if you keep the sea on your right hand side). It is one of the finest coastal walks in England, taking you right along the top of the famous White Cliffs of Dover. On a clear day, you get stunning views of the English Channel, and the ferries buzzing in and out of Dover Harbour, and the French coast from Boulogne to Dunkerque.

You can find out more about the walk here . Click on the download walk tab for the instructions. 

If you walk at a sensible pace you can reach your lunch pub by 13.30. There are options to  shorten the walk but you will need to catch a bus back to Dover. See the walk pdf for details.t=2.30


David Colver said...

n=7 in w=very_hot_and_sunny conditions, though a curious murk descended on the mid-Channel in the distance for part of the afternoon; not sure whether it was low cloud, mist, heat haze or pollution.

2 reached The Coastguard at 1345 and had lunches just either side of good. The plan was to take tea at Dunkerley's Hotel but very loud music playing in front of the Old King's Head a couple of doors away frightened everyone away.

The walk description is accurate when it says that "The last quarter of the walk ... is ... less dramatic than the White Cliffs".

Anonymous said...

n=2 left two hours later and sauntered over the cliffs to St Margarets' Bay where we had much needed ice-creams and then waited ages for the bus back to Dover. Thought it would be cooler nearer the coast, it wasn't! so could only manage half this walk. very nice views, enjoyable nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

n=9 therefore, w=very-hot-and-sunny

Anonymous said...

actually it was 8 people and 1 dog !!