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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday Walk - A South Downs Adventure (New Walk)

New Walk - Amberley to Halnaker

Length: 14.5 km (9 miles)
Toughness: 5 out of 10

London Victoria: 09-32 hrs (Bognor Regis train), CJ  09-42 hrs   EC 09-53 hrs
Arrive Amberley: 10-55 hrs

Return Chichester to Victoria: 16-10, 16-41, 17-08, 17-41 and 18-10 hrs

No 55 Bus - Halnaker to Chichester:  From Halnaker Crossroads to Chichester Bus Station: 16 and 46 mins past the hour. Journey length: 20 mins.

Rail ticket: buy a day return to Chichester  (per Walker's comment below).

This is a posting of this new walk on behalf of Jane from Kew (jfk). Having written the Book 2 walk,  Amberley to Arundel, for the SWC, Jane is now exploring routes west of Amberley, and this new linear walk of hers takes you along a lovely western stretch of the South Downs, dropping down to the village of Slindon for lunch at the Spur pub. tel: 01243-814216
After lunch you continue west through Slindon Park and Boxgrove Common to the village Halnaker, where you take the No 55 bus into Chichester, for your train journey back to London. Although there might be refreshment opportunities in Halnaker, it might be best to take tea in Chichester, planned around train departure times.
Although Jane will be leading the walk, pending her full write up of the walk and the directions being available on the website, you are advised to bring along OS Explorer map No 121.
Enjoy !


Thomas G said...

The Anglesey Arms at Halnaker is open all day every day, to while away the waiting time for the 55 bus

Walker said...

A day return to Chichester is valid via Amberley. Amberley is on the way to Chichester

Anonymous said...

this copied from another walk post:
Anonymous, Wed 19 Apr 17, 18:49
Tuesday 18th April from jfk
four brave people turned up to do the South downs new walk from Amberley . the train was delayed by 20 minutes at Horsham so that set
us back a bit for lunch. The walk to lunch went splendidly in intermittent sunshine Slightly longer than anticipated but alss well that ends well
n=4 w=intermittent-sunshine