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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thursday Walk: A canal tow path, reservoirs and "Going Ape" in Wendover Woods

Book 1, Walk 11 - Tring to Wendover

Length: 21 km (13 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10 (one steady ascent - otherwise 3 out of 10). Morning flat.

London Euston: 10-24 hrs    Milton Keynes train
Arrive Tring:  10-59 hrs

Return: Wendover to London Marylebone: 16-26, 16-56, 17-23, 17-58 and 18-29 hrs

Rail ticket: as the railway stations and rail termini are on different lines buy separate singles from the edge of your travel card zones.

Only four of us ventured forth when I posted this walk last September, so let's hope a few more of us show up today on what is a cracking good, long(ish) walk with lots of variety.
The morning leg is totally flat and starts with a stroll along the Grand Union Canal before we walk beside three large reservoirs. Then its across country and over a vast field to the village of Aston Clinton, a village split in half by a road by-pass, On the western side of the village we come to the Oak pub, our lunch stop. Please 'phone ahead with numbers e.t.a 1-30 pm   01296-630466
The afternoon leg of the walk starts by a walk along the edge of an airfield used for glider flying and MOD activities. On the far side of the airfield you have a choice of taking a short-cut to Wendover via the Wendover Canal, shortening the walk by about 3 miles. Otherwise, the hard work begins as you climb up into Wendover Woods. Once at the top you can take a breather before our younger, more adventurous walkers have a go on the zip wires in the Go Ape Centre. The more sober amongst us leave the kids to it and instead enjoy a ridge walk through the woods before we take a steep descent down into the town of Wendover.  Chocaholics make for Rumsey's Chocalaterie for tea whilst those with less sweet tastes prefer the Shoulder of Mutton pub, just up the road from the railway station.
Walk directions here: L=1.11

Next week, Tuesday 04 April: Book 1, Walk 19 - Hever to Leigh

1 comment:

Marcus said...

n=5 on today's walk on a lovely Spring day, w=sunny-and-warm-with-a-pleasant-breeze, once again near perfect walking conditions.
We made good progress on the morning leg, with lots of daffodils and primroses to keep us cheerful. We just made the Oak in Aston Clinton in time for last luncheon orders, due to the new Bellway housing development in the village's outskirts blocking the route and requiring some head scratching as we sought an alternative route onwards - now written up. The lunches served were excellent value and tasty - main courses from £ 7.
Suitably refreshed and well satisfied, we started out on the afternoon leg, with three in our group heading for the woods, one took the shortcut along the canal into Wendover, and I lagged behind updating the walk directions. By chance and good fortune all five of us met up on the platform of Wendover railway station, to catch the 17-58 hrs train back to Marylebone.
A thoroughly enjoyable day out in excellent company.