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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Next Big Thing and Robots exhibition at Science Museum

Tonight, we are visiting Science Museum ADULT ONLY Late Wednesday to explore the Themed Evening of The Next Big Thing (more information click here).  We are also taking the advantage of 50% off tickets (£6.75 adult, £6.30 senior) to the blockbuster exhibition Robots. (Museum is free to explore).  To book the exhibition, please click here.  Book 8:15pm slot.   Please book early as tickets are limited. 
From the dawn of mechanised human forms to cutting-edge technology fresh from the lab, Robots reveals the astonishing 500-year quest to make machines human.
Come and see this blockbuster exhibition which explores the ways robots mirror humanity and the insights they offer into our ambitions, desires and position in a rapidly changing world.

If you wish to join for pre-exhibition dinner at Carluccios, please email swcsocialATgooglemailDOTcom before March 25th.  Otherwise meet at the entrance to the exhibition at 8:10pm


Anonymous said...

looks like 8:15pm slot is sold out. So buy the next nearest time slot 8:30pm. They may let you in early. Otherwise, see you inside the exhibition. Lucilla

ramblinros said...

Have just bought a senior entry at 8.15. They admit they have a glitch so that the time is not shown again after selection, while you go through the pay screens. Then you get an eticket attached to an email and this confirmed my booking as 8.15. May see some of you there

Anonymous said...

The online booking is working now. And more tickets have been released for 8:15pm slot.

Mike A said...

I thought the best robot last night was the T-800 made by Cyberdyne Systems. Boringly it stayed behind it's glass enclosure and failed to come out and scare the begeezers out of the attendees.

Anonymous said...

at least n=16 attended this.